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Twitter Recap of The Vampire Diaries 8×14 'It's Been A Hell Of A Ride'

Well guys, in ‘It’s Been A Hell of a Ride’ Katherine’s back, the devils dead, and there’s only two more episode left of The Vampire Diaries. What else could you ask for? (besides Klaroline endgame of course?) I would say I hope the tweets stay as savage as they have been all season.

“Enough about Stefano.” Kai speaking for the entire fandom.

But seriously, why can’t my teeth be that white?

Reaction #1

Reaction #2

Reaction #3

Reaction #4 (also known as me.)

Let’s be honest, we’re all a little excited for her to be back!

But he’s a HAWT sociopath.

Everything is fine, everything is fine. I say as everything is basically on fire.

And finally, probably my favorite tweet of the week….

#teamklarolineforever <3