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Hi, Vampire Barbie lovers, we bring a special treat for you with this new article.

Rebekah Mikaelson our beloved Original Vampire with her cutting wit, her endearing strength and loyalty made many of us her fans.

And Caroline Forbes, our bubbly Miss Mystic Falls Vamp. With her amazing character development. From a shallow mean girl to a devoted friend and a strong woman garnered a special place in our hearts.

The two blonde bombshells would have made for excellent screen material with fun and badass scenes. The chemistry they oozed in the scene where they got rid of killer Alaric was spell binding.

Their minimal interactions on screen inspired so many beautiful fictions and fanarts. Especially since the two ladies held a special place for our Original Hybrid Klaus Mikaelson.

Whatever little on screen interaction they shared left a touching imprint on our fangirling hearts. And a desire to see the duo in action together. However sadly the writers cut their interactions short and left many of us hanging.

So for all of us who have been a fan of this dynamic frenemy duo, we introduce a fun quiz for you to come play and know WHICH VAMPIRE BARBIE YOU ARE.



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