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You probably already know her for her Klaroline/Caroline gifs, more than for her Klaroline videos, but here’s an interview with Emily aka paraudise on YouTube!

KM: Hello Emily! Why don’t you start by telling everyone a little bit about yourself.

Emily: Hi everyone! My name is Emily, I’m 17 years old, and of course I love Klaroline to pieces.

KM: When did you start shipping Klaroline?

Emily: I really started shipping them last year, in February. I actually began shipping them instantly after 3×11 but didn’t think much of it until 3×14 when Klaus first saw Caroline when she walked into the ballroom at the Mikaelson mansion. I love them because Caroline is the light in Klaus’ life, she brings out his humanity; while Klaus brings out the vampire nature in her and wants her to embrace it, telling her that there’s a whole world out there waiting for her, and reminding her that she’s beautiful and strong along the way. I feel like in a way Caroline is the only person that can go head on with Klaus and fight back. Klaus, I think, loves her light, her honesty, her strength, and her undying loyalty towards the ones she loves. And, I mean, come on! Of course the chemistry between those two idiots is gold, God damn.

KM: What does it feel like to be a part of the Klaroline fandom?

Emily: It’s pretty amazing, really. This fandom, with its Twitter trends, the many polls won, and especially its positivity throughout these hard times, is just unbelievable. Also, they’re all people who will be there for you whenever you need some cheering up, and it all just makes me really happy to be part of such a caring, strong, and beautiful fandom!

KM: You are very well known in the fandom for making gifs, but what made you decide to start vidding?

Emily: I don’t actually think I’m very well known, but I am flattered, thank you! If I think about it, it’s actually funny because I started vidding way before I started making gifs. But, anyway, I think what made me want to start vidding was watching all these amazing Klaroline videos made by all the other, really talented people, because I love how they would express how they feel about Klaroline through vidding. And so I was like HEY, I can totally do that too and pour all my feels into a video. Indeed, making videos of Klaus and Caroline is so much fun and it really helps with missing them.

KM: How exactly do you make your videos? Is there some sort of process you like to follow, or do you just wing it and let your inspiration take over?

Emily: I don’t think I have much of a process, most of the times I’ll just let the inspiration take over because it’s so much easier and I’ll get what I want done very fast even without planning any of it. When that doesn’t happen it can lead to me taking a long time to finish a video or not finishing it at all. It depends, really. Though, no matter what, it’s always fun to vid Klaroline!

KM: What are some of your favorite Klaroline videos and/or video makers?

Emily: Uhm, some of my favorite vidders out of the top of my head are: livart, stormborn, and shamelessxjuliet. Y’all are seriously talented!

KM: What are some tips you could offer to newbie video makers?

Emily: I would just say to have fun when vidding about whoever/whatever, because if you’re not having fun and enjoying it then what’s the point?

KM: Some of us have been trying to get through the pain of Klaroline currently not being together by focusing on other OTPs/ships, but from what we’ve seen you haven’t and you’re continuously making new Klaroline videos and especially gifs. How do you keep having hope and finding inspiration through it all?

Emily: I actually think that there will always be hope for Klaroline, because even if they aren’t together now (in the same place/show), they will definitely find their way back to each other eventually. The writers can’t just throw away all their build up, not even if they tried to ‘resolve’ everything with 5×11. Klaus hasn’t had real feelings towards anyone for such a long time before coming upon Caroline, and that says a lot about this ship, because, for centuries, Klaus hasn’t given a damn about anybody else and then he goes out of his way to make this baby vampire see all that she can be and he would never dare to let her slip away. And Caroline. Caroline finally admitted that she has feelings for Klaus, that she sees the GOOD in him, but she needs time because she’s just a baby vampire and still has all of these things that she wants to experience and go through on her own… Klaus understands that and he will be waiting: “I intend to be your last, however long it takes”. And the writers can keep throwing Klaus new love interests, but in the end none of them will work out because it’s Caroline, IT WILL ALWAYS BE CAROLINE. Oh, and we, as a fandom, won’t go down without a fight to get them back! So inspiration just mainly comes from within the fandom itself actually, because I see so many people still making gifs, graphics, videos, and all that, even through everything that has happened and is continuing to happen.

KM: If you were to pick a song for when Klaroline is finally reunited, which one would it be and why?

Emily: UGH, THIS A HARD ONE. But I think I would love for it to be Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran, because, to me, that will always be THE Klaroline song. I could listen to that song forever and never get tired of it because it reminds me of them. Though I guess that could play when they dance after they reunite, so never mind that! The song I would pick for when they actually reunite is Gravity by Sara Bareilles.

KM: Last question—Mystic Falls or New Orleans?

Emily: Oh, no. THIS IS ANOTHER HARD QUESTION. SERIOUSLY. On one hand I dislike Mystic Falls for keeping Caroline stuck, but on the other hand New Orleans is where I don’t even want to even know what’s happening at right now. But, if I really had to choose, it would be New Orleans, because then at least Caroline would be seeing (a piece of) the world.


Check out Emily’s Youtube profile HERE


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