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Video Makers Interview with queenvampirebarbie



Read our interview with yet another amazing video maker, our very own Cassie aka queenvampirebarbie.

KM: Hello Cassie! Thank you so much for letting us interview you. How are you?

Cassie: Hi! Thank you for interviewing me! It’s an honor, especially because I’m a new vidder. I’m great, summer is here so I’ve had a lot of free time to focus on my blogs, edits, and vidding (pretty much all Klaroline).

KM: It’s amazing how active you still are in the fandom, even after everything that we’ve been put through, and that you still ship Klaroline as hard as all of us. When have you first started shipping them—was it right from 3×11 or maybe even before, or was it more of a slow burn for you?

Cassie: I’m like most fans, I started shipping them from 3×11. I liked them a lot since the moment he walked into her room, because he showed her vulnerability and he doesn’t do that very often outside of his family. These two characters who have never really shared a scene together (not counting 3×05) connected in a way that is so beautiful and captivating. Never before have I seen two people form a connection so quickly. Klaus and Caroline drew me in with his worldly talk and her marveled self.

KM: We know that you have only started vidding very recently. So, tell us: what inspired you to do it?

Cassie: One word: Klaroline. Because of them I’ve always wanted to try new things. I love gif’ing and making graphics so much and even writing sometimes, but the one thing I never did was make fan videos. I watch a lot all the time when I’m not reading fanfiction, and I’ve always thought they were so beautiful, how people can combine scenes and express emotions through a song. shamelessxjuliet is one of my inspirations. Her fan videos make me so emotional and they make me ship Klaroline even more, and I wanted to be able to do something like that. I want to bring Klaroline more to life and lift people’s spirits, let Klaroliners remember why they should continue to ship Klaroline. So, all in all, Klaroline is my inspiration. They bring out the creative side of me.

KM: Is there any particular way you try/like to edit your videos, especially since you haven’t been doing so for too long? Maybe setting a specific mood: dark, romantic… ? Or do you simply go where your inspiration takes you and experiment?

Cassie: The mood I set for my Klaroline videos is definitely romantic yet angsty. I try to show the chemistry between the two, and make people feel all warm inside, then remind them that they’re not together anymore but that that doesn’t mean they don’t think about each other. I try to make them all have the same meaning, which is: no matter how far apart they are, they have left their mark on each other, and that isn’t going to go away.

KM: What is the best advice that you can give to other people that have never made fan videos before but would love to start? Is there anything that you found particularly hard or annoying to learn?

Cassie: My advice would be to just go on YouTube and look up tutorials for beginners, because they do show you all the step by step processes. I think coloring is the hardest for me, I just don’t know how to find the right ones to go with the scenes that I want to use and how to tweak them. And that’s pretty much the only thing that really bugs me, because I’m pretty much done with my video then comes coloring time, which is very important because having the right coloring sets up the quality of how your video looks.

KM: Is there a specific something, maybe an effect or a scene or a manip, that you have managed to put into one of your Klaroline videos and that you are really proud of? Which one of your videos is your favorite so far?

Cassie: My Klaus & Caroline | Only You video is my favorite one. It’s my very first fan video, and I’m proud of it because I managed to blend in the scenes with the song perfectly; it’s as if the song was made just for them. I like how I threw in some of The Originals scenes with Klaus’ other love interests, and managed to show how unimportant they are and how they’re nothing compared to Caroline. I’m really proud of it and it makes me miss Klaroline very much.

KM: And what’s one or even a few Klaroline videos made by other vidders that you find yourself re-watching and getting feels over from time to time?

Klaus & Caroline| Lonely Soulmates – this one is so beautiful, it shows how similar Klaus and Caroline are and how well they know each other.

Klaus & Caroline | I Hope You Are The One – this makes me want to cry, because I can see how perfect Klaroline is through it; how can he not be the one for Caroline?

Klaus & Caroline | You’ll Never Be Friends [AU] – this is exactly what Klaroline could be, if the two of them were on the same show; I really need this to happen.

Klaus & Caroline | I Saw The Good In Him – this song is so beautiful and so perfect for Klaroline, and it doesn’t only show the beauty of Klaroline but Caroline as a person as well.

KM: Is there any video or vidder that you fell in love with thanks to the Magazine? Maybe finding it/them thanks to our video team here?

Cassie: Yes, there definitely is. Most of the videos I find are from the Klaroline Magazine. That’s actually how I really got into wanting to vid, because I would always check out what fan videos were being featured in the Magazine. Then, if I really liked the video, I’d check out the person’s YouTube account as well.

KM: Now, even with the lack of Klaroline, we know that you are still proudly watching both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. You are aware that there has sadly been no Klaroline crossover thus far, but if you could direct one, what would you make happen between them?

Cassie: First of all, I love this question. I would love to be the one to direct the episode where Caroline is finally ready to embrace her feelings for Klaus and heads to New Orleans. And as soon as Klaus sees her, he would drop whatever nefarious plots he’s got cooked up, and they would live happily ever after. Eheh.

KM: Before saying goodbye, be quick—Mexican or Chinese? (And just to be clear, we are not talking about men. *winks*)

Cassie: Chinese! I wasn’t even thinking of guys, the first thing that popped into my head was food. Ahah. And thank you so much for interviewing me, it was a huge honor!


Watch Cassie’s videos HERE.


Written by Giulia. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter