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Video Makers Interview with xostelenaforeverox


Read our interview with an amazing video maker, Alana aka xostelenaforeverox

KM: Does this interview make you feel like a celebrity? You know, the magazine is a pretty big deal, duh. Just kidding, eheh, how are you?

Alana: Why is this even a question?! Of course it’s making me feel all special and celebrity-like and I’m expecting to use my new celebrity status to meet JoMo and Candice 😉 No but seriously, I really do love the magazine and so it’s really exciting that you guys are interested in interviewing me! And I’m great, thanks for asking.

KM: Have you shipped since 3×11? Did you see them and immediately went ‘wow’ or was it a slower process?

Alana: Yes, I was one of those shippers that were drawn in right from their very first interaction. In fact, that scene was extremely significant for me as the first time I actually began to like Klaus’ character. I don’t mind villains; in fact often I end up preferring their character to the heroines, but prior to 3×11 all I’d attained about Klaus was that he was evil. He didn’t appear to truly have any vulnerabilities or motivation that wasn’t to do with himself or inflicting pain and in that way I felt that he was very one-dimensional. 3×11 was the first time I saw something else to this character and the fact that Caroline brought it out in him ignited the fire in my shipper heart and I haven’t turned back since.

KM: Were you immediately inspired to start making videos about them?

Alana: Funnily enough Klaroline is what inspired me to return to vidding. I had been on a long hiatus vidding-wise, I had little inspiration and being new to Sony Vegas at the time also had little motivation to learn how to use it well. It was their 3×14 scenes that really did it for me — I made my first vid in nearly two years and it was a Klaroline one to the song ‘Say It Now’ by The Afters. I give full credit to Klaroline for being the reason I’m vidding today.

KM: Do you have any particular way you like to edit your videos? A particular atmosphere? Like positive one, dark ones…

Alana: My aim with every video I make is to encourage my audience to feel something; to evoke emotion. Even if they don’t ship the pair I’m vidding, I want to be able to show them for the few minutes my video goes for what I see in them and why I’m so passionate about their relationship. I’m a sucker for parallels which mirrors my love for exploring character and relationship developments which I also love to include in my videos. As an English student at heart, I can’t help but analyse — usually over analyses — everything when it comes to my OTPs, especially Klaroline and I feel that usually comes out in my videos too.

In terms of editing-style, I usually prefer to do instrumental/voiceover videos because I feel I can really pour my heart into it and tell my own story through my interpretations. I usually go for an angsty/emotional atmosphere, but it really depends on my mood and whether a particular scene or event inspired the video.

KM: Do you usually let a song inspire you for a video or feel in the mood for a klaroline video first and then go look for the right song to use?

Alana: Usually if I’m doing a music video it’s about a song inspiring me. I love songs with beautiful lyrics and if I’m listening to my iPod and a song is screaming Klaroline I usually jot it down on my eternally long “videos to make” list. That usually means that then, when I’m in the mood for vidding, I have my list already compiled.

If it’s a voiceover vid, I’ll be inspired to vid first, work out where I want to go with the video and what atmosphere I want to set and then set out on the (often long) task of finding the right instrumental.

KM: Is there any tips you could give to aspiring/new vidders about what’s most important in the vidding process in your opinion?

Alana: Definitely! The most important thing is definitely having a passion — vid for yourself, because you love it and because it’s something you enjoy vidding not for the views/subscribers/likes. Be patient, don’t expect your first video to be perfect with thousands of views and if it’s not, don’t be discouraged by that. I’ve been vidding since 2010 and my first videos were so far from being even close to okay. (Seriously, they sucked!)

Take time to practice with the software you’re using and get to know your way around. If you’re using a professional editing program like Sony Vegas you’re simply not going to be able to understand how to do anything straight away — it’s complicated! I’m still learning and I’ve been using it for over three years. Don’t be afraid to ask vidders that use the same program how to do something (I often get inboxed questions and I’m happy to help) or search for tutorials on YouTube — there are a lot of helpful ones out there.

In terms of the actual video itself, try and do something different, develop your own style. Vid what you want to vid and remember why you’re doing it because that often helps you decide what to put in the video. Writers show their shipping passion through words and stories; graphic editors show it through imagery and we vidders often show it through a combination of both.

KM: What are a few of your favorite klaroline videos ever?

Alana: Oh I always hate to be put on the spot with this because I watch so many amazing ones that I’m scared to leave them out! Thankfully I keep a playlist of some of my favourites as my go-to list, although that does currently have over 100 videos in it so bear with me! Here are 20 videos I love (so everyone go, eat your Klaroline heart out) although it’s by no means an exhaustive list — we have so many talented vidders in the fandom.

1. Klaus & Caroline || Hymn For The Missing [AU] by MissAlesi4ka

2. Klaus & Caroline | Stormy { 4×07 } by KatLoveStory 

3. Klaus & Caroline | In love with her by Ivana Cincur

4. Klaus & Caroline| “You’re worried that Caroline’s never gonna forgive you” by 777Katys

5. klaus&caroline | r e d by AussyAngelx

6. Klaus & Caroline | Unspoken by KatLoveStory

7. Klaus & Caroline | Stay by Victoria666100

8. klaus&caroline | D N A by AussyAngelx

9. kc | “to see her smile, was it worth it?” (4×19) by Rytinhahh

10. i’ve tried to stop thinking about you.. and i can’t | klaus + caroline by MissCatheringPierce

11. for you only | klaus & caroline by dalmuss97

12. klaus + caroline | “why didn’t you say goodbye?” (AU) by LoveSucksManiac

13. journey | klaus + caroline by MissCatherinePierce

14. Klaus + Caroline | Don’t Deserve You by SilverxBeautyVideos

15. Klaus and Caroline | Wake Me Up by xfoxyamanda11

16. Klaus and Caroline || ” The Originals.” trailer. by Inna955

17. Klaus & Caroline | Kiss me, take me. by AnneSoshi

18. Klaus&Caroline | always be pretending. [5×11] by LoveDreamsSC

19. Klaus & Caroline | As long as you love me [5×11] by Alvaro7SQ

20. Klaus & Caroline | “When it’s real, you can’t walk away” by KristinaOrtutova

And like most of the Klaroline fandom, basically all of xXWhisperOfDreamsXx’s videos (I couldn’t choose a specific one!)– shes…so talented at manips, it’s crazy

KM: And what is the klaroline video from you that you’re most proud of?

Alana: Well that would be my 5×11 Klaroline video! From a more selfish point of view, it’s my first video ever to surpass 100k views so that was a big accomplishment for me, personally. I was also really proud that I capture (I think!) most of their journey all in relation to their big moment in the 100th episode. It was definitely worth staying up til 4am to finish! (watch it here)

KM: Your 5×11 klaroline video was a big hit among the fandom because great positivity, what are your hopes and thoughts about what is possibly still in store for Klaus and Caroline in the future? Do you think their story is really over?

Alana: It makes me so happy to hear that because I have such faith in them and so I’m always hoping to instil that faith in everyone who watches my videos and so to achieve that really means a lot. Whilst I lack faith in the TVD writers (and not just from a Klaroline POV…), I have every faith in Klaroline. Their relationship has always been about the long term — about someday and about forever. They’re vampires, they have eternity and it’s been established over and over and Klaus will wait for Caroline and so it’s just a matter of her being ready. It’s been said by so many of us, but I’ll say it again anyway that Klaus only promised never to return but that says nothing of Caroline coming to him when the time is right. It’s important to remember that he also promised that he’d be her last love, however long it takes and so if we’re taking his latest promise to heart, there’s no reason to forget the others he’s made her.

One of the great things about Klaroline is that their story isn’t really ever over, it’s just about overcoming more obstacles and Klaus and Caroline developing as individuals. It makes sense in terms of the story for them to come together at any point in time because of the way they’ve been set up. So I’m just waiting for the day JP realises the potential she wasted with Klaroline and does something about it. My hopes is that they’ll eventually bring Caroline over to NOLA since I don’t feel she has as much of a place on TVD anymore anyway and Klaus obviously can’t leave The Originals permanently. Until then I say, sit tight and keep the faith because Klaroline will never be over.

KM: And now a very important question, salty or sweet?

Alana: Oh man, I’m buckling under pressure at this all-important question. I always go for the savoury option, so salty!

Watch Alana’s videos HERE

 Written by Krissy. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter