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Video of the Week: Beauty and the Beast by shamelessxjuliet


The similarities that Klaroline shares with the ageless, timeless and unforgettable tale of Beauty and the Beast are ones that everyone in our fandom knows about, ones that have made us see our OTP’s scenes under a new light and suddenly gave them new meanings even if we had already seen those very scenes a hundred times. And I think the video below perfectly captures all of those parallels, which must have taken so much patience and dedication on Giulia (shamelessxjuliet)’s behalf to show, finding the correct scenes to use from both The Vampire Diaries and the Disney film, and I honestly believe that is a mark of a very talented vidder.

This week’s video seriously overwhelms us with the many similarities between these two couples: nobody ever believed that Klaus and the Beast could love someone else, not even themselves, because they thought that love was a weakness, but Caroline and Belle managed to see the good hiding underneath the monster and finally brought light into the lives of these two men who had isolated themselves from everyone who had ever cared for them before and had denied themselves the chance at ever falling in love or finding happiness.

Then the video finishes with the words ‘not the end’, which I think just perfectly sum up how the entire fandom feels about Klaroline and that, as long as we are still here, this is really not the end of them even if they’ve been apart for so long now.

So please enjoy the video and remember to leave the vidder some love!