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Video of the Week: Caroline by Alex Clare by Pray'n'Love



This song screams CAROLINE! (Lol, of course it does.)

We’ve seen many Klaroline videos made with this song because, well, it’s her name, and every single time it’s sexy, seductive, and playful… which is everything that Klaus and Caroline are. It’s like the song was made for them.

I really love all the effects that this vidder has used, because they go with the beat of the song and add to the atmosphere of the video, all coupled with a beautiful coloring. And all these quotes that she has wove in hit us with even more feels, especially because she put them in all the perfect places of the video, where there is no lyrics, only the music.

This video is so Klaroline because it’s pretty much all about Klaus chasing after Caroline, it’s like a cat and mouse game with them. Klaus is constantly coming up with ways to make Caroline fall for him but nothing ever seems to be working, and it reminds of these good times when someone really cared for Caroline and fought for her. We’d give anything to have these days back, so Caroline go to the only man who would always put you first already!