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Video of the Week: Fear the Originals by xDarkestDesires



During these tough times, AUs are pretty much what our fandom lives for… and what better scenario than an Original!Caroline one? Where our favorite londe has been beside her hybrid ever since the two of them were human, already in love and destined to remain together for centuries to come. Where Caroline is even more badass than usual and Klaus certainly doesn’t take kindly to his wife being kidnapped by lowly peasants.


The maker of today’s video of the week has really outdone herself finding the perfect moments from both The Vampire Diaries and The Originals and then putting everything together to create her own storyline in such a way that someone who had never watched the shows wouldn’t even know that those weren’t real scenes! And it’s a much needed breath of fresh air among the upcoming spoilers for the next seasons.
So enjoy it!



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