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Video of the Week: Fourth Klaroline Anniversary || on top of the world by sam sparks ღ


On the 12th of January 2016, this fandom celebrated the Fourth Klaroline Anniversary. That very same date, four long years ago, we indeed watched the first proper scene of Klaus and Caroline together, the scene that made many of us immediately jump on the new, electric, exciting, epic ship that was born.

This week’s chosen video is therefore none other than the latest project that brought our fandom together. The video begins with that iconic scene from the episode ‘Our Town’, when Klaus and Caroline first really interacted, to remind us that on that day a dying baby vampire stood up to a hundred years old original hybrid regardless of the fact that he held the key to her survival, we’re reminded that Klaus was intrigued by her fire and that he opened Caroline’s eyes to let her know that there was so much more waiting for her than the small town life she was stuck in; the video then proceeds to beautifully transport us all around the world, with Klaroliners from all walks of life having filmed themselves together with something Klaroline-related.

Most of all, this video is a tribute and it excellently showcases the love and passion we have for our OTP, and I’m incredibly proud of everyone who participated because the number of people who took part to the project proves how alive this fandom still is after all these years and after all the struggles we have have had to face. And already so many important figures have seen the video, as well: writers, journalists… and Derek James said, and I quote, “Klaroline shippers are a really good looking bunch!” and I agree!

So I would personally like to thank everyone who has done even the smallest of things for this project – especially Sam who made the video and Mary, Farida and Mery who helped her spread the word and get people to join in – because our fandom’s dedication leaves me breathless every single time and that is something we should all always celebrate.