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Video of the Week: I Found Love by Emilia Sheer


Hello, beautiful fandom! I hope you’re all staying warm and gearing up for the holidays that are quickly approaching, because it may not be Christmas yet but here today we have a little treat for you all anyway with this week’s chosen video done by the talented Emilia Sheer.


Aside from the perfect song choice, one of my favorite things about this video is the editing: everything, from the special effects to the coloring to the voiceovers, made sure this video had my rapt attention from start to finish (in fact, it had my attention from start to finish the several, several times I’ve watched it). One part of the video in particular stuck out to me… when the song goes ‘I miss you more than I thought I would’ — the coloring in that scene was perfect and those words really struck a chord with me because yes, I’ll admit that I miss Klaroline more than I ever thought I would and I’m sure I’m not the only one. But fret not, lovely fandom! Whether we see them together before the shows end or not, we know that one day Klaus and Caroline will meet again; and thankfully we have more than enough talented members in our fandom that continue giving us all these feels with their beautiful creations just like this one, willing to share their hopes and head-canons with us all.


So go watch and enjoy, and don’t forget to leave the vidder some love in the comments!