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Video of the Week: I saw you happy by xBenQCatx


2016 has just started and it’s been a very long time without Klaroline scenes now… our fate seems to be on the brink of changing, however, with strong rumors of crossovers and (albeit only on the phone – baby steps) new interactions between Klaus and Caroline.

So what better way to look forward to all of that than by watching a video that was born out of a Klaroline throwback that was unfortunately at the end cut from the actual shows? Thinking back to those words ‘I saw you happy… with the blonde from Mystic Falls’ that Ansel should have uttered to Klaus on The Originals gives me chills and makes me tear up every single time. It would have been the perfect way for us to have a little something without doing anything to jeopardize the peasant ships that the writers are so hell-bent on at the moment, the perfect way to once again emphasize how nobody before ever made the almighty Klaus feel as carefree as Caroline managed to without even trying. And I don’t care if that dialogue didn’t make it on the show, in my heart and mind it still did happen and it gives me hope that maybe the writers can still do our favorite couple a little bit of justice when the time finally comes.


We’ve been waiting for this moment to come for a long time, so let’s enjoy as it approaches.