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Video of the Week: I’m all yours willingly down by Adelaide Kim



The video chosen as video of the week today will have Klaroliners remembering why we keep fighting for a chance to see these two share the screen again. With a perfect montage of so many of our favorite scenes, this video captures the essence of Klaroline perfectly, with pretty graphics, a great song, and lyrics to suit.

One of the things we can all acknowledge about Klaroline is that their relationship is not perfect, and that there has always been a push and pull dynamic between them; yet, this video shows how their connection was undeniable and kept drawing them both back to one another somehow. It’s the connection that Caroline finally admitted to in 500 Years of Solitude, and it will be this very same connection that will draw them back together in the future.

My favorite part of the video (trust me, it was hard to pick) was the part where it shows Caroline with the lyrics “And your love is worth it” and then skips to Klaus with the lyrics “and for that I will wait”, because it instantly reminded me of that infamous promise he made to her on her graduation. The promise that had us all swooning and forgetting how to breathe all at once. Those famous lines that made our ship endgame, because no matter who tries to come next or how much time it takes, they will be each other’s last love. Nothing spells endgame more than that.

We have reached a turning point in their story, not the end of it, so keep strong fandom and just remember: they’re worth the wait!



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