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Video of the Week: It Will Come Back by Fenblablabla



Hello, lovely fandom!


Here we are again with another great video of the week that you’ll be sure to want to check out immediately after our article!


The scenes and the coloring used by the vidder are all splendid, and I also really enjoyed the song selection and particularly the effect created whenever it was paired with voiceovers which was often. Of course, my favorite line from the song by far was: “I will come back”, because after Klaus’ promised to be Caroline’s last love, I honestly have no doubt that one day these two will finally cross paths again and that it will be glorious… so I love the hope that this video, especially with its music choice, manages to give us all.


For now however, while we’re waiting for more Klaroline, let’s just enjoy this masterpiece instead and make sure to swoon over our marvelous ship in the its comments section!



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