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Video of the Week: Ride by AussyAngelx

The amazing thing about Klaroline fan-videos is that the lyrics always perfectly reflect on the couple somehow. And, as many of you would agree, Lana Del Rey’s songs in particular fit so unbelievably well with Klaus and Caroline’s story and, in the masterpiece that we recommend you today, the talented vidder that is Hayley (AussyAngelx) has taken advantage of that fact.


Quite a bit of this video is made up of manips, and they have been so expertly edited together that the ending result looks flawless and incredibly realistic and it must have taken a lot of time and dedication to complete it. Then, the chosen voiceovers won’t fail to give you chills because they added so much depth to the video and are all very relevant to Klaus and Caroline’s relationship.


The ending, where the couple drives off together into the distance, is such an amazing way of showing that Klaroline is never going to be over. Not on the shows as long as we’re here, and especially not when we have such insanely talented vidders who make fan-videos like this one.


So sit back and enjoy – you’re in for the ride of your life!