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Video of the Week: Say Something by TVDBeautiful

Alright Klaroliners, settle down settle down. I know that we all are a little on the edge from all the madness that has been going on within the fandom  the past couple of weeks. But, that’s why I’m here. To send us all to a safe haven for just a moment.

Now this beautiful video of the week was made by the wonderful and oh so talented (TVDBeautiful). This video is one I would consider, taking us back in time for a little bit. Giving us a flashback to where it all started, the journey that they were on, and where this beautiful OTP ended up. We see scenes that go all the way back to “Klaus Bate” to “The Lonely Snowflake” to the oh so legendary “I Intend to be your last” and last but we all know not least, “I will be honest with you about what I want” (Moment of silence for this oh so epic line). But one thing I loved was how this artist brought all of these significant and beautiful moments together and leading up to the finale bom, but, I also loved how she made it into a timeline. She went all the way back to the beginning up to the current event that is still jumping around in all or our Klaroline hearts I’m sure. But I love this video because with all the hostility going around this video will make you just sit and reminisce for a moment. Make us think back to why we even love the fandom to begin with and also giving us that extra boost we need to keep fighting as we always have. So just sit back, grab a glass of wine, or some crackers, it doesn’t matter, and just look at the beauty that has been presented to us. Look at what was thrown out to us, but was accepted and carried on through the years. I hope this video gives you all the will to keep fighting, and fight even harder than you already are. Now, without further ado, I present to you, Klaus & Caroline- Say Something.

Written by Hope. Find her on Tumblr and Twitter