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Video of the Week: Waiting for Superman by AussyAngelx



This video is that type of video that you can watch repeatedly and still smile every time. And I also think that, in a lot of ways, the song used is kind of perfect for Klaroline.

Caroline is a strong individual who really doesn’t need anyone to babysit her and who is able to look after herself, but she wasn’t always like this. I think it’s amazing how she went from being an insecure girl that was everyone’s second choice, to this confident woman that was the first and only choice for a thousand years old hybrid. In some ways, I think Klaus did help her, especially where her self esteem was concerned; yes, even without him there, she was still confident, but it was a good thing for her to have around such a powerful, charming man who was solely interested in her and who continuously reminded her that she was strong, beautiful and full of light.

After all, the fact that Klaus was the only one to ever put Caroline first is one of the biggest reasons why we love this ship so much, and this video does a wonderful job of portraying that.

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