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Video of the Week: Wildest Dreams by AussyAngelx


The holiday season is in full swing and I honestly could not be merrier (but simultaneously dying of feels) after seeing this amazing creation by the enormously talented AussyAngelx.


From the beginning, this video immediately captures your attention with its amazing editing: the coloring, the manips, the voiceovers, the special effects, the song… they all come together beautifully to create a video you won’t be forgetting anytime soon. And, personally, my favorite thing about it were the effects, used to make it appear as if one was watching this old film about Klaroline in the cinema. Their story was made for movie screens, after all, right?


I don’t doubt for a second that Klaus and Caroline still remember each other, but after watching this video I found myself saying to my screen ‘I’ll remember you, Klaroline’. I’ll remember how Klaus danced with Caroline with her red lips and rosy cheeks in her nice dress, and these memories will tide me over until they do see each other again one day. He did promise however long it takes.


Happy holidays, everyone!



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