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Video of the Week: You Brought Light Into My Life by maiz 0210



When this video first starts up, we already get goosebumps just because of the song; right off the bat, you know it’s going to be full of quotes and that that’s the main focus. And when someone uses this song, they have to really make it a good video because it’s a song that makes you feel emotional.

What I love is how the vidder didn’t just incorporate quotes from The Vampire Diaries, but a few from some other shows as well but that fit Klaroline perfectly. Klaus felt unloved practically his entire life, then Caroline came into his life and brought light. All the walls he had built up started to break because of her, to let her in.

This video certainly puts you in a good mood. It starts off sad because you see how broken Klaus is, but then the music picks up and Caroline comes in and suddenly his life isn’t so gloomy anymore.


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