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Vote For Your December 2016 Fanfic Update of the Month

Fill the void left by the midseason finale of TVD with Klaroline fanfiction! The winner of the November 2016 Update of the Month was Stand By Me by Sweet Little Darling. Congrats!

Here are five more updates for December 2016.

Warning: Spoilers!


Ride or Die by AvidReader2016

Caroline reunites with Klaus after a quick round of sex before he leaves her again. Kol confronts Klaus and Enzo interacts with Elijah. Finally, Katherine is approached by Damon.


Touchdown by klaroline-heaven

After the gallery party, Klaus and Caroline end up chatting and go out for dinner. They head to Caroline’s apartment to watch a movie, but their evening is interrupted when a man comes to tell Caroline that Tyler has escaped from his psychiatric hospital.


The Alpha’s Mate by Sweet Little Darling

Caroline wakes up alone and naked in a strange room. She discovers that she has been kidnapped by Tyler Lockwood. Elijah is surprised when he discovers her situation.


Fever Pitch by xxredwineandambiencexx

Kol, Bonnie, and Caroline discuss the wedding while eating dinner. Rebekah helps Caroline prepare for the gala. Finally, Caroline meets Isobel, Alaric’s ex-wife.


Tangled Up in Blue by idiot-wind89

After their night together, Klaus takes Caroline out on a date. They go out to a gallery and then dinner. They end their night at a tattoo parlor before receiving some surprising news.


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So, there you have it. The five nominees for the Update of the Month poll. Don’t forget to vote!