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With the end of February, we can reminisce on all the wonderful updates we’ve had during this 28 day month. Five in particular have tickled my fancy. But congratulations to the January winner:

The Chain of Dream’s Temptation by Angelikah

Now here are the five aforementioned updates:


Roux Reine by Beth Nottingham

In the latest chapter Klaus is still having trouble transforming into a wolf and is not telling Caroline. When she finds out she’s not happy but lends some knowledge she gained while Tyler was breaking his sire bond.


Renegade Knights by Biana Delacroix

Kol and Caroline inform the rest of the Mikaelson clan and Hayley about the witchy predicament they’re in and the party they’re going to throw. With the Mikaelson party in full swing, it’s not long before the witch is drawn out. However, a manipulating Elijah, an enraged Klaus, and a caught in the middle Caroline might deter that.


Delivered by honestgrins

Caroline Forbes, also known as BarbieBlonde, chats with OriginalHybrid, aka Klaus Mikaelson. The two know nothing about each other’s personal lives, however they’re about to get intertwined when Klaus opens Mikalson Brews, a coffee chain, down the street from Caroline’s bakery.


Miss Trash-chute and Her Wingman by ezziexklaroline

For all my angst lovers this one is for you. Caroline goes over to Klaus’ to thank him, but ends up receiving a verbal lashing from him. Later, when he tries to apologize he is met with a cold shoulder and a gut-wrenching feeling of guilt.


12:51 by but seriously

In the beginning Klaus and Caroline have a confrontation where she reveals that she knows he has been spying on her. Then Klaus reveals that he is leaving and consequently Caroline is dejected by that. However she doesn’t let that deter them from a session of intimacy. In the morning when the sun rises goodbyes are shared they don’t cross paths again until four years later.


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There is it. Don’t forget to vote and we’ll see you next month.