Vote For A Klaroline Endgame Over at TVLine!



Gather round Klaroliners, there’s another poll we want you all to take part in!

Andy Swift, one of the Senior Editors over at TVLine, recently wrote an article and interviewed one of the show’s longtime directors regarding The Vampire Diaries and The Originals crossover. The article itself is pretty stellar and deserves a read, but the most important part comes at the end when they ask the reader who it is that Caroline should end up with: Klaus or Stefan?

That’s right, once again we’ve got a poll that asks us to choose between Klaroline and Steroline. We all know that Klaroline is endgame, however long it takes, but let’s make sure the rest of readers over at TVLine know that too! So take a minute and head on over to THIS article and vote in the poll! And just a heads up, you can vote more than once.

Also, if you have an opinion or thoughts or speculations about the #KlarolineCrossover that you want to share? Send them to us HERE or at admin@klarolinemagazine.com!