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Happy April KCers! It’s the beginning of the month and you know what that means; it’s time to vote for the next Drabble of the Month. Before I reveal this month’s goodies, let’s take a moment to celebrate last month’s winner.

Congratulations to… The Wolf and His Tiger Queen by blackefaeriequeene! If you haven’t already read it, do yourself a favor and go read it now! It’s a soulmate AU and while Caroline may not be sure the fates got it right, Klaus is truly the only match for our favorite blonde.


And now for this month’s nominees:


Wake Up and Smell the Formaldehyde by rebelandhercaptain

Caroline Forbes loves science and she especially loves dissection. Don’t worry, she’s not a weirdo or anything; she just loves cutting things up. What she doesn’t love is her new lab partner, Klaus Mikaelson, resident bad boy. Everyone says he’s crazy and Caroline is inclined to believe the rumors, or at least she was until she actually took the time to get to know him. This fic is amazing and hilarious and defiantly worth the read!

For the next 24 hours by Logan27

This story takes us back to season 4, after Bonnie’s spell that kept Klaus trapped in Elena’s house expired. He told Caroline that everything he did was for her and then turned and walked away. This story explores what might have happened if Caroline had thrown caution to the wind and embraced the simmering tension between her and Klaus. I love a good fix-it drabble and this one does not disappoint!

My Eyes Can’t See by LittleMissBrit

In this AU/AH universe, Caroline is a WWII nurse whose newest patient, Klaus, has suffered a lose of eyesight. Caroline always tries to remain professional when it comes to her patients but she finds herself hopelessly drawn to him. As they get to know each other, Klaus finds himself enamored with her as well, regardless of whether he can see her or not. This was a such a beautiful story and the ending brought a little tear to my eye.


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Ok guys, be sure to vote for your favorite and don’t forget to leave the authors a little love while your at it. Until next time!