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It’s time to vote again and here are the contestants.

1. mydreamklaroline

This blog is run by Diana who just turned 18. She comes from Spain and is currently enjoying summer.

Diana has shipped Klaroline since their famous bedroom scene in the 11th episode of season 3. She loved that scene, it was beautifully shot and done, and the chemistry between Klaus and Caroline was so magical she fell for them immediately. Beside the amazing chemistry the two share, Klaus is also the first man who chose Caroline over anyone, who put her first. And Caroline is the first person in a long time who saw the good in Klaus. He may be a monster but he is not just a monster. The bad original hybrid, who never cared for anyone fell for the baby vampire. Diana has no words to describe how much she loves them and she will wait, however long it takes.

Diana is active in the fandom. She makes edits and gifs and always helps with trends on twitter and with polls. Her blog is amazing for Klaroline shippers, filled with goodies. It may seem like a multifandom blog but the majority is Klaroline. Besides posting her own stuff she reblogs a lot of Klaroline posts. She also takes requests, so if you have any, let her know. She will gladly make it for you. She’s a really lovely person, always ready to chat and talk to you, so feel free to write her anytime.


2. mademoiselle-forbes

This blog is run by Vina who is 22 years old. Vina is a communication student right now, streaming in journalism. She is also a businesswoman.

When asked what made her ship Klaroline, Vina answered tumblr. Simple and to the point. Tumblr is known to make an impact on people, draw them into fandoms and make them ship couples. So we are not surprised. We know what power those Klaroline posts have.

What is interesting is that Vina didn’t even like The Vampire Diaries at first, she thought it was super boring and she fell asleep in just 30 minutes into an ep. But then she created this blog, followed some multifandom blogs and saw some klaroline gifs on her dash and her heart fluttered whenever she saw klaroline gifs and before she even realized it there she was, shipping klaroline HARD.

Vina makes gifs. She used to make edits when she was in kpop fandom about 7 or 8 years ago, she  doesn’t even remember. Then klaroline shippers just had to make her self esteem go down by their friggin talent in editing and giffing and vidding. And she thought, hey why doesn’t she make edits again. Other than giffing, she also writes fanfictions. However, she does not publish them, just keeps the stories in her personal collections. Vina loves writing. And whenever klaroline is in some polls, she always votes for them. Her flog is filled with Klaroline goodies. She reblogs almost every klaroline edit/gif/manip and she makes her own.


3. queenvampirebarbie

The blog is run by Cassie, who is currently still 19 but is going to be turning 20 soon. Her url basically represents Caroline.

Cassie feels like there’s something unique about Klaus and Caroline together that can’t be replaced. Caroline is very honest with Klaus and will just give it to him straight even if he doesn’t like it. He’s not someone who expects Caroline to be little miss perfect. He brings out the more vampire side of her and she brings out the more vulnerable side of him. They’re both smart and strong; putting them together would be unbreakable. There’s also specific quotes like, “I intend to be your last. However long it takes.” “It was all for you.” “For some reason, cares only about you,” that just makes Cassie’s heart swell because these aren’t normal things people say to each other. Especially, “I intend to be your last. However long it takes,” is the reason she will always ship them because even if they don’t happen on the show we know that maybe in 500 years she’ll show up on his doorstep and finally be together.

Cassie sometimes makes fanvideos but she mostly makes gifs. Both for The Klaroline Magazine and on her main blog. Sometimes she makes gif of old scenes, TO klaroline references, quotes, and AU’s. She also helps run klarolineshippersclub and klarolinesource.

Her blog is mostly a Caroline stan blog. You can tell just by looking at it that she’s a fan of her.



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