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It’s time to vote one more time before the year is through. Here are three wonderful Klaroline blogs and your job is to pick your favorite. Have fun!


1. kather-n

This blog is run by Katherine, a 21 (soon to be 22) year old Health Systems Management student from Louisiana. She has long, curly hair, likes tea more than coffee and her favorite alcoholic drink is gin and tonic. Her hobbies include playing tennis, watching TV, sleeping, eating, and not shaving her legs in the winter.

The blog is an interesting mixture, it has a lot of funny stuff mixed with fandom stuff. She always follows back if you’re a humour blog or ship Klaroline, and she always answers asks with enthusiasm and kindness. She even answers hate pretty well!

Dangerous Liaisons was the episode that made her a Klaroline shipper. The way he looked at Caroline when she walked in was a look she had never seen on Klaus. The best moment of the episode for Katherine? Easy, it was the “I know” line. The way he paired it with the way he was looking at her was perfection. In her words, “Like, of course I know that Caroline, I researched everything about you because I was so intrigued by you when I met you at the high school”. In fact that is the very line being spoken in the gif that heads this blog.

For Katherine, like many of us, their connection cannot be compared, and she cannot ship them with anyone but each other. She sums it up nicely with this Blair Waldorf quote, “Once men have tasted caviar, it baffles me how they settle for catfish.”

Katherine values kindness, as she says it can get a person a long way in life. Her philosophy is that you have no idea what a person could be going through, and so you should endeavor not to add to their problems.


2. tom-thepreciouspotato-hardy

This blog is run by Sheridan. This gorgeous, 17 year old Klaroline shipper actually is the head of her school’s Beautification Committee! She’s a bit of a girly girl, loves makeup and hair and runs a low-key fashion instagram named after her favorite book and color (pink.and.totally.prejudice). Oh and she’s also a National Honor Society student, volunteers in youth programs, plays golf and makes her own jewellery.

Sheridan expresses her reasons for shipping Klaroline very eloquently; she fell for the instantaneous chemistry between the two describing it as “like watching sparks through my laptop screen”. Furthermore she says, they bring out the most unexpected, and sometimes best sides of each other. Nobody would think that a previously uncaring Klaus would care for anyone besides his family, and nobody thought Miss Mystic Falls herself would be destined for so much more than one small town. The contrast of light and dark was also part of the attraction for her. Caroline is bright, bubbly, and radiates joy no matter how crappy her situation is. Klaus had been unfeeling, cold, and brooding until that point. The fact that they showed each other part of themselves that they hadn’t shown the rest of the world was really beautiful.

Sheridan is a lover of music, and is brilliant at making playlists that remind us of our lovely OTP – just check out her wonderful AU week contributions. She feels like she has found her niche with that, but she’s also learning how to make graphics which is something that she would like to start doing more of.

If you want a rainbow of Klaroline, pretty fashion, and general nerdiness on your dash you will enjoy this blog. So go check it out and say Hi to this sunny, lovely Klaroline shipper.


3. klarolinessecondbreakfast

The blog is run by Helen, a 23-year-old fangirl from the East Coast of the USA. She recently graduated with a music education degree and is now working as a church music director/pianist, a piano teacher, and a 2nd grade teacher assistant. She is currently reading/obsessed with the Psy-Changeling book series. Oh and she’s a Taurus.

Helen ships them because they challenge each other. Each causes the other to look at their life and choices in a new light, and that new perspective often helps them develop make choices that shape them into better people (and characters). The push-and-pull between them is really just so much fun to watch, because they’re both stubborn as hell but sometimes willing to cede to the other, because they’re equals. There is honestly no other relationship on either show that is quite like Klaroline. And let’s be real, the thick sexual tension is real and Joseph and Candice light the screen on fire with their chemistry.

Helen is also a writer. She writes a few fics – A Spirit of Courage is her big multi-chapter, and she also has a drabble collection, both of which are on FF.net and ao3. She also make GIFs and graphics/manips.

Her blog is definitely worth a visit and a follow. A KC fan would like her blog because like 90% of what she posts is KC! And her sidebar images are both KC manips that she did herself. But she definitely posts other things that she likes too, such as most things LOTR, Marvel, Jane Austen, Disney, to name a few. She’s also totally up for chatting with anyone, even though she’s pretty quiet herself, so people can come talk to her whenever and she’ll listen.



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