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Vote For Your February 2017 Drabble of the Month

Valentine’s Day is fast-approaching now! Bring your inner romantic out with an awesome new crop of Klaroline fics to vote on this month. That’s right, it’s time for the February 2017 Drabble of the Month Poll.

But, first a throwback to last month, because your January 2017 Drabble of the Month was… drumroll…


Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas by misssophiachase

Loosely based off The Holiday, this drabble has Caroline and Rebekah switching homes for a week. Stuck with Rebekah’s irritating older brother, Caroline can’t help but bicker with Klaus. More flirting and drinking is involved.


Now, the nominees for this month…


Couples Therapy by ezziexklaroline

Klaus and Caroline, a couple for over five hundred years, decide to try couples therapy… with the inept psychologist Cami O’Connell.


Reset by honestgrins

After Henrik and Klaus get caught in a car accident, both Mikaelson boys land in the hospital. With Henrik in a severe state, Dr. Caroline Forbes helps Klaus.


Stay by missingstars89

Caroline has always enjoyed her time with Klaus, but she always leaves him at the end. Now, he’s pleading for her to stay.


Hold Me by Tonight.At.Noon

When Caroline wakes up after a nightmare about her friends, Klaus is there to comfort and hold her.


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Thank you for voting!