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Vote for your January 2016 Blog of the Month!



Time to vote for your favorite blog of the month in the new year. We can’t believe we are already voting for 2016 but time flies by and here we are. Read about the blog choices, check them out and then pick your favorite. Happy voting.


1. hug-for-every-fangirl

The blog is run by Kamila and she is a 17 year old girl from Poland, Europe.

Kami ships Klaus and Caroline because when everyone hated him Caroline still somehow saw the good in him, she believed there was still hope for him. But she wasn’t one of these easy girls, she challenged a thousand year old hybrid. Klaus saw the darkness in Caroline but he never encouraged her to embrace any of her darkness. He wanted her to admit that she was attracted to darkness aka Klaus but he didn’t tell her to embrace it and go dark herself. Kami has never shipped anything so hard in her life, they’re her OTP.

She is writing fanfictions but she has never published it and only her best friend saw them.

Her blog features everything she likes, all her fandoms, all her ships (she also watches Arrow, GoT, Supernatural, The 100 & PLL) and every Klaroline fan would like it because, let’s face it: if KC shipper finds a blog dedicated to Klaroline he/she automatically likes it right?

2. shelikeshummingbirds

The blog is run by Cherie who prefers the name ‘Selia’ on the Internet and she is currently 19 years old, living in somewhere Klaroline exist in canon Hong Kong.

It’s hard to explain why she ship Klaroline this much. Klaroline is perfect, they’re the definition of one true pairing. <3 Their chemistry is overwhelming, how can someone deny that. Klaus shows kindness because of Caroline; Caroline can dream big only with Klaus; Caroline can challenge the big bad wolf and remain alive; Klaus is willing to put Caroline first, even before his own sister. She isn’t going to say how perfect they are and why they should be together, because we all know that already. What she is going say however, is, we have come too far and we’re not going to take that little hook up as a closure. Klaroline is her #otp4life. Hear, hear.

Her blog is full of Klaroline (of course), along with some posts about Kalijah, Stebekah, Team Barbie, Katholine and other ships and characters in the Vampire Diaries. The blog isn’t a only TVD blog, so other things she likes are here too. Selia tags almost everything, The Originals related posts (like gifs set & characters & even the actors) will not appear on her blog. Her blog is like a canon-free place.


3, gooddame

The blog is run by Jennifer, who is 25 and has joined tumblr in 2011.

She says Klaroline kind of saved her. They gave her hope because while the dark thoughts that crept in her mind she didn’t try to hurt herself as often. She found herself waiting to see the next episode, watching them evolve and finally linked them together. As small as a tv show is, it saved her life which is why it physically hurts her now to try to watch how their characters have deteriorated. Jennifer loves their dynamics. The way they say things without ever speaking, like even in silence they understand each other. There’s no reason for them to change because they like/love each other just as they are. And he’ll wait. He’ll wait as long as it takes and he won’t forget And she likes to think Caroline tries hard not to remember and fails every single time.

Jennifer writes bits and pieces of Klaroline almost everyday.

Her blog is a small blog, and she has no idea how to mess with it and her tagline says just as much. She thinks that it’s a nice simple place like her mind. She also thinks that it’s hard to explain why a Klaroline fan would like it because she is not used to a fan actually popping up and saying so. Jenn finds that the people who appear to her genuinely care about not only our shared ship but about each other. She doesn’t see followers – she sees friends and she hopes that they see that in her as well. That’s simply how she feels about it.


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