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This month we are back with a new Update of the Month Poll. Before I bestow the contenders upon you, let’s take a moment to congratulate the winner of December 2016 Update of the Month.

Tangled up in Blue by idiot-wind89 was the winner. Congratulations author!


Without further ado, here are five updates of January 2017.


This Is the Start of How it all Ends by xxredwineandambiencexx

Caroline and Klaus’ visit to a witch is followed by an altercation. During the quarrel, Caroline discovers a deadly ability of hers. Then a run in with an old friend makes the terrible day she’s having even worse.


Southern Comfort by Sophia Chase

After having sex with Klaus, Caroline and Bonnie engage in some much needed girl talk that stems from a 4 letter word. Then the making of a Klaroline camping trip.


The Chain of Dream’s Temptation by Angelikah

Klaus tells the story of how he and Caroline got together, which includes snapped necks and compulsion. And Caroline realizes that maybe what she wished for isn’t what she truly wants.


Above All Else by 3tinkgemini

With the ritual so close to happening, everyone is feeling stressed. Caroline is weak but to0 stubborn to admit she needs helps. Klaus just wants to be there for her. Secret plans are being cultivated. And finally the full moon rises.


From What I’ve Tasted Of Desire by Some_Impossible_Fairytale

Caroline is settling, but feels weird knowing she slept with the king’s brother. All the advice from her friends back home aid her decision to steer away from him. However, it’s difficult when he’s doing things like holding her hand.


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That’s all for this month. Check in next time for the winner and five new updates!