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It’s Trope of the Month time my fellow KCers! For this month’s poll, I thought we’d choose from a few different genres. For those of you voting in your first poll, a trope is simply a form of storytelling that is used over and over again in pop culture mediums. After you read through this month’s poll options and vote, be sure to check out last month’s Trope Poll winner, the granddaddy of all tropes, the Coffee Shop trope.

Single Parents

Admit it, you melt just a little bit anytime you read a story featuring Klaus or Caroline’s adorable spawn. These fics find Klaus or Caroline, or Klaus and Caroline, as parents who meet-cute. While the single parent trope usually leans more into fluff territory (and I’m a sucker for fluff), the stories are also capable of tugging at your heartstrings. And don’t even get me started when they bond with and over their kids. On their own, Klaroline is pretty irresistible, but throw in a precocious youth and it’s cuteness overload.

Fusion Universes

As much as we all love The Vampire Diaries and The Originals universes, some of the best stories out there feature Klaus and Caroline in other popular fictional universes. I’m talking about the ones that feature Klaroline at Hogwarts or participating in The Hunger Games, or any other number of universes. One of my favorite fics of all time has Klaus and Caroline in the roles of Oliver and Felicity from Arrow.  The best thing about these is that they prove Klaroline is epic in any situation.

Road Trips

Anytime you put your OTP in a confined space, sparks are guaranteed to fly. With Klaus and Caroline, the sparks are off the charts because they both have such strong personalities. When they head out on a road trip together, not only are they stuck in a car, but they inevitably end up sharing a room and then a bed and then you just know things are going to get real.


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There you have it Klaroliners, I hope you loves these tropes as much as I do. Be sure to vote for your favorite! Keep an eye out for the winner to be posted next month, along with a slew of awesome fics. Don’t forget the Klaroline Awards are going on too! If you haven’t already voted for your favorite fics, writers, graphic and gifset makers, etc. then now’s your chance.