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Hello, Klaroliners! Before we get to our Drabble of the Month winner and this month’s nominees, let us take a moment to mourn the end of the show that brought us all together, The Vampire Diaries. Some of us are no doubt happy the show is done while others are genuinely sad to see it go, but I think it goes without saying we’ll always love the show for giving us the gift that is Klaus and Caroline. And that beautiful letter he sent her has left the door wide open for Caroline to appear on The Originals, so we may yet get to see how their happily ever after turns out!


Now then, before I reveal the drabbles you’ll be voting on, allow me to congratulate last month’s winner:


Couples Therapy by ezziexklaroline! What happens when Klaus and Caroline start couples therapy? And how will their therapist, Cami O’Connell handle them? This is such a fun drabble and it’s definitely worth the read!


Now for this month’s contenders:


I Don’t Wanna Live Forever by Sophia Chase

Klaus and Caroline are separated by wartime but they keep their love alive with the letters Klaus sends her. She misses him like crazy but his wonderful letters help keep the spark ignited. This is a beautiful story that combines a little bit of angst with a lot of longing and does a great job of balancing them. Read the story to find out if Klaroline gets their happy ending!


Reliving Memories by ivy4299

Caroline has been cursed to relive her most painful memories and the only safe place for her is the Mikaelson’s mansion. We get a glimpse into how Caroline has suffered and how she hasn’t let it affect her, and we also see what happens when Bonnie tries to counteract the curse with a positive spell. A wonderful fic and definitely worth checking out!


She was wrong by klaro-addict

Liz Forbes was sure her daughter would be heartbroken when her boyfriend moved across the Atlantic to go to school but they both surprised her with their determination to make things work. What a pleasant departure from most fics as this one was told from Liz’s perspective and it did not disappoint when it came to the Klaroline fluffiness. You’ll want to see how this one ends!


The Wolf and His Tiger Queen by blackefaeriequeene

Caroline has just turned eighteen and her soulmate tattoo is a match to Klaus’ but she’s supposed to hate him, right? She can’t possibly fall for his bad boy persona; or can she? I love a good soulmate AU and this one does a great job of highlighting the snarky yet sexy nature of our favorite duo. This is a must read!


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Ok everyone, you know what to do; be sure and vote for your favorite Drabble of the Week. And don’t forget to leave the authors a little love while you’re at it. Until next time!