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Vote For Your March 2017 Trope of the Month

It’s time once again to help us select our next Trope of the Month!

First let’s take a second to celebrate last month’s winner which was Femme Fatale. What great selection; we get to see Caroline being the dark and dangerous one and Klaus is of course helpless to resist her. Find the winning fic list HERE.

Now that that’s taken care of, on to the main event:



This trope is a fun twist on the supernatural aspect of Klaus and Caroline’s relationship. Making a relationship work can be a difficult task, one made even more complicated when one half of your OTP is part fish. However, it’s always such a pleasure to see these two navigate the sometimes rocky road to true love and these stories always make that journey fun and exciting. Plus, who doesn’t love the idea of Caroline in a sea-shell bra?

Friends with Benefits

Ah, this old gem. How many times have we read about our favorite OTP swearing that they can totally handle being just friends who sleep together without letting their feelings get in the way? Too many times to count, that’s for sure. Regardless, I never seem to tire of Klaus and Caroline trying and epically failing to not fall for each other and I’m sure you guys don’t either.

Blind Date

The chemistry between Klaus and Caroline is palpable; we all could sense it the first time they met. Hence why the blind date trope is so perfect for them. They both know right away there’s something special about the other person and it’s a pleasure to see them fall for each other at first sight.


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Ok Klaroliners, you know the drill. Be sure to vote for your favorite and leave us a comment about why you love the trope you picked!