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Vote for your May 2017 Drabble of the Month

Can you believe it is May already Klaroliners, and time to vote for your a May 2017 Drabble of the Month? Where has the year gone? We have had some awesome drabbles of late and this month is no different. Before we get to that we need to find out which drabble was selected for April.

So, let’s all congratulate the winner of our March poll which is….

For the Next 24 Hours by Logan27! If you haven’t checked it out yet, I suggest you do! This is a great ‘what if’ drabble set during season four and really should have been canon in my opinion! What would have happened if Caroline had thrown caution to the wind and embraced the simmering attraction with Klaus?


Now, onto this month’s nominees (and I’m not gonna lie these are all brilliant):


Friction by mon-amour-eternel (cettevieestbien)

There’s nothing I love more than Original!Caroline and this enjoyable drabble doesn’t disappoint. Caroline leaves Klaus when he refuses to undagger Finn, running away to Mystic Falls where she meets Elena and compels the town to believe she’s always been there. Does Klaus come to find her? You’ll have to read the rest to find out.

Wedding “She Don’t” Interruptus by Austennerdita2533

This is a Klaroline drabble based on the happenings from the A Court of Thornes and Roses series by Sarah J Maas. I love both of these, so this is a favourite, especially given the parallells between certain characters as well as events in both TVD and the books. A definite and fun must-read, especially if you like the books.

Soulmates by gooddame

Who doesn’t love a good soulmate drabble? Especially one that begins with stranger Klaus rubbing sunscreen on Caroline. Of course it isn’t a coincidence and we find out that there is more between these two than we were first led to believe. To find out more check out this awesome drabble!

One Week by Angelikah

Klaus and Elijah leave town on business leaving Caroline, Katherine, Kol, and Rebekah to look after New Orleans. After advising her to be careful, Caroline promises not to burn New Orleans to the ground in his absence. Easy, right? This is a fun text message based drabble full of witty humour that you’ll definitely enjoy reading!


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Don’t forget to vote for your favorite!