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We’re already in the middle of October which means you have to pick up your favorite blog again. And we have three blogs you can choose from. Let us know which one is your favorite.


The blog is run by Audrey, a French girl of 22 years. She is a rather a quiet person and a true aquarius. Her url kind of speaks for itself. She picked carolinenicklaus because she wanted something that related to her favorite ship and luckily for her this url wasn’t taken.

We all have a reason for shipping them and we all love so many things about them. Audrey really loves the way they challenge each other . Their personalities complement and balance each other at the same time and it’s really interesting to watch it. They are really different but yet they are the same. Audrey loves the way the can get angry at each other and a second later they can laugh and flirt together. Klaus was the first one to really see how exceptional Caroline was. He knows her and he accepts every part of her. He is ready to put the world at her feet and she deserves it, he could help her to embrace her vampire side and this would be really amazing. Caroline in turn brings out the human part of Klaus, the part that he has forgotten even exists. Caroline never tried to save/fix him but at the same time, she proved to him that he can make better decisions. They complete each other, she’s the light, he’s the dark and sometimes, the roles may even be reversed.

Her blog is a multifandom blog (TVD, PLL, HTGAWM, Friends, Sense8, Teen Wolf etc ). She ships a lot of pairings (Stelena, Sterek, Olicity, Captain Swan …). She doesn’t encourage competition among different ships, she thinks we are all free to ship whichever ship we want.


Ashlee Bree is the owner of this blog. She is 26, a previous English major and now professional writer, currently working on a series of children’s books and a novel.

Ashlee Bree loves everything about Klaroline. She appreciates them as individual characters: how they’re both fully aware of the beauty and flaws in the other person and how they bring about change in each other through honesty. This perhaps springs form their own, sometimes painful, honesty. As she says, there’s no pretense with them—no masks, no disguises. They are who they are. What she describes as “the analytical dork” in her can’t help but delight in the complex interplay of light and dark that these two characters perpetuate.

As you’d expect from a writer, Ashlee Bree’s contribution to the Klaroline fandom tend to be in the form of the written word. She writes metas, drabbles, and fanfiction, and she always does her best to participate in fandom events, which she loves.

While the blog contains a lot of different things, Klaroline features prominently. She liveblogs, reads/writes fanfiction and metas, flails over beautiful edits in the tags, and genuinely enjoys talking to people. Essentially, Ashlee Bree is another of us hopelessly addicted fangirls, living the fandom life. She is incredibly friendly and although she says she talks a lot, her conversation is intelligent, insightful and funny. And she’s a good listener, too. So don’t be shy, head on over and see why she’s the blog of the week!


This blog is run by 19 year old student, Michaela, sometimes known as Mik, who lives in beautiful Western Australia. This blog (which is conveniently her fanfic account name) is where she posts her rather wonderful klaroline fanfics and all things solely Klaroline, Klaus or Caroline that appeal to her.

Mik’s klaroline obsession began after her sister showed her TVD and gave her a heads up about Klaus and then he referred to Care as Tyler’s pretty little girlfriend, and then the birthday scene happened and she was lost.

When asked why she ships them her response is “BECAUSE THEY ARE FREAKING MEANT TO BE, GODDAMMITTTT!” a sentiment I think we can all appreciate! But beyond that Mik expresses what many of us also feel: Caroline is a wonderfully identifiable character who it is easy to really get behind and Klaus challenges her to not only develop but also to believe that she is worthy of being loved.  Obviously by Klaus, eventually, when she has found herself.

So go check out Mik’s fabulous blog and equally good writing and help her out with potential new nicknames.


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