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Vote For Your November 2016 Trope of the Month

It’s almost December my fellow Klaroliners and I don’t think I’m alone in my relief that 2016 is almost over. In an effort to keep us all going, it’s my pleasure to present you with the November Trope of the Month poll. A trope, for those of you wondering, is a plot device that people see over and over again in storytelling. This month I found some fun tropes for you all to vote on but first we have to announce last month’s winner.

For the month of October, you overwhelmingly chose Werewolves as your Trope of the Month! I’m 100% behind this decision; anytime Caroline gets to wolf-out and put Klaus in his place I’m happy. Check out some of our favorites HERE!

Now for the main event, this month’s trope choices are:



Klaus and Caroline already have larger than life personalities but when you mix that with the life of a celebrity, things can get crazy. There’s such a broad spectrum of storytelling here, from Klaus as the Hollywood hunk and Caroline being the young ingenue, to one of them being the regular person who gets swept off their feet by their celebrity counterpart.  The celebrity angle works in so many ways and the best part about all of them is getting to watch Klaus and Caroline fall for each other.

Accidental Pregnancy 

Setting aside the logistics of how vampires are able to procreate in the first place, I have to admit this trope is a favorite of mine. There’s something about Caroline becoming a fierce mama and Klaus embracing the role of daddy that is just so appealing. Now some of us might be tired of the whole pregnancy thing considering both TVD and TO have used it but this fandom has such a gift for taking this trope and putting a whole new, brilliant spin on it. And that will always keep me coming back for more.

Secret Relationship

I don’t know what it is about secret relationships that makes them so exciting. You’d think with all the lying and sneaking around, things would get to be too hard but that never seems to be the case. If anything, it always seems to bring our favorite duo closer together. Whether they’re keeping it a secret because Caroline’s friends wouldn’t approve or because Klaus is worried about protecting Caroline, the whole secrecy thing always adds an extra element.


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Alrighty guys, that’s all for this month’s edition. Be sure and cast your vote for your favorite trope! Keep an eye out for our upcoming holiday events too; 25 Days of Klaroline and the Klaroline Winter Wonderland Gift Exchange are both coming up in December and we look forward to celebrating with you all.