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We are back with November list of fanfictions, lovelies! But before that you choose update of the month, take a moment to know which story has won from the October 2016 list.

The winner is: This Love by xKlaroStylesx

Congratulations, dear author!


Now, getting back to November list of nominees:


Lovely Vicious by dreams-n-things27

Caroline and her friends are trapped in Klaus’ games. Now with Kol’s entry into her life, it is only going to be more of a mess. When Tyler is uncompelled he remembers Klaus and Caroline kissed and is furious. But then his betrayal comes to light.

Easy Love by TheOneTrueBear

Post season 3 Klaus and Caroline are together now. But there are some minor disturbances in their relationship. An irritated Caroline finally confronts her lover and the end is sweet.

Stand By Me by Sweet Little Darling

King Klaus is determined to know who killed their child and who is willing to go against Caroline. They will form an unlikely acquaintance, which is not appreciated by his Queen.

I chose you by RiaSternchen

After getting into a banter with Klaus, Caroline wakes up in a different universe which is a six year flash forward. Now she has to be with Stefan and is determined to get back to her old life where she is happy with Klaus. With or without any help.

Little Bird by Manon’s Dragon

Katherine is pregnant with Elijah’s child and receives help from Caroline. Despite the fact that she is attracted to Klaus, Caroline tries to suppress her feelings for him. She understands it is time to let go of Tyler and focus on something else.


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