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Vote for Your November Fanfiction Update of the Month


Dear Klaroliners!! Here we go with another poll! Today we vote for the update of the month of November; the chapter that made us gasp in awe, made us blush, made us cry and scream “hell no! why is it already over!?” It is not an easy task to pull together a list because there are a lot of wonderful fanfictions to choose. To be precise, during the month of October we had on average 280 new chapters (English language) … Can you imagine going through 11 pages of updates? I can! Seriously people, a part of me would like to say: couldn’t we just have one or two updates? It would make my job much easier! The other part of me, the diehard-Klaroliner, is saying: not enough! Come on Klaroliners! Keep your spirit high! We need more stories, more chapters, and more followers to shove down Julie’s thro-

“Oh, Give it a rest, Alez!”

What? Boss?

“If you didn’t spend all your time drooling over Morgan’s pictures, you would have been a good researcher and noted that last month we have surpassed Delena updates.”


“Really! Only 228 Delena updates during the month of October.  Klaroline rocked it”

Well… did I ever tell you are the most wond-

“Back to work!”



So we were saying; updates of the month! Here we go!

  1.    Blood Roses for the Devil’s Queen by Anastasia Dreams – chapter 5

She spreads her angel wings ready to return to Heaven. She did her job, she saved a corrupted soul. But something is off. It is too silent, too quiet.  A large demonic shadow looms in front of her. Heat scorches her from the inside out, flames licks at her flesh, threating to devour her. He craves her. He will capture her and never let her go.  “What do you want of me?” her angelic eyes brim with tears. “Everything you have to offer and more […] I will take and take until you are nothing to me”. Large black wing wraps around her and she falls into darkness.

  1.    My sweet child by Anaelle-Klaroline – chapter 2

“My name is Kol. I am the most handsome member of this family, nice to meet you”. Even little Caroline of 6 years old understands that she is dealing with a buffoon. “I hope you didn’t put any crazy ideas in her head because she is staying with us […]”. Uhm, Rebekah and Kol parents of the year. Somehow I cannot really grasp that. I am sure the wise Elijah will talk them out of the crazy idea. “Niklaus, please think about it”. Ok, never mind. Will little Caroline conquer the cold and heartless Big Bad Hybrid? “What? Should I act as if I care for her? Because I don’t”.  Like I said. Best.Parent.Ever.

  1.    Sweet Dreams by Tears of Ebon- Grey – chapter 22

Klaus watches her break and feels the stab of her pain in his chest. He wants to kill something, anything – just not his brother. He did. His brother caused her pain. But Klaus cannot watch his brother fall a second time. The day the Gilberts’ killed his little brother still haunts his dreams along with all the other ills of his long and lonely life. “I am sorry it caused her pain [… ] I like her. She’d make a great littler sister”. He surveys his little brother, the dark-haired child who laughed and joked too much and who was always overlooked. Kol, the larrikin. But still his brother. “Leave. […] Before I change my mind and let her dagger you”.

  1.    Renegade Knights by Biana Delacroix

“Ask me a different question, brother [… ] Ask me who she killed.” One year after his last encounter with his blonde obsession, he meets her again … with Kol. Yep, he is alive and kicking. Caroline & Kol, the new duo who are thick as thieves. As if it is not already enough, Klaus has to deal with another best friend of the blonde vampire. “Enzo, why are you here?” I am sure everything can be dealt in a nice and smooth way. “Let’s go, Enzo. Goodbye, Klaus.” Here we go; Apocalypse Now! He cannot let her obliterate into darkness. She is his only hope to bring some light in his forsaken and dark life. He won’t let her go far away. Not again.

  1.    …

Do you think I missed any good updates while I was drooling on Morgan’s pictures? Tell us! Do you think we are overlooking any terrific writer? Tell us!! We will STALK them too!


Don’t forget to leave a token of appreciation on the authors’ page!

Happy Reading!



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