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Dear Klaroliners! Unfortunately our beloved pairing didn’t make it to the People’s Choice Awards. A pity, really. But let’s keep our spirit high! I am sure we will have loads of other occasion to cheer for our ship.

In the meanwhile Ian Somerhalder is once again nominated for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actor. Well, congratulations to him! I have just a question. And I know I will most probably sound like a bitter and raging bitch … but … How come that this year The Originals didn’t even make to the nominations? And none of the actor crew was considered in any awards category? Could it be that maybe, and just maybe, the audience is getting a bit weary of the plot – holes (more like growing craters) that the TV show is experiencing? Just saying it. Maybe it is time that the TO writers put their hands on their hearts and finally really listen to what the fans like? Well, let’s see. After all, who are we for interrupting an “organic” plot? Even though from the updates I am hearing from the Opinion team, the organic plot is a bit … jumping out of the window (see Review of The Originals 2×05: Rants and Raves).

Luckily enough we have our fairytales world; fanfictions help us to deals with the grim reality.

So! Let’s talk about the new fanfiction of the month of October; the new fictions that made us go crazy and wish “why the TV writers cannot take a hint from this story?” As usual it is not any easy task to narrow the choice to 4 but let’s try!


1. If I die Young by ravenclawslibrary

It’s 1016 A.D. and the Mikaelson family is living in a little village in the New World. “Can I tell you a secret?” Bekah is eager to chat with her big brother Klaus “I am not the only one to be married soon. […] Caroline’s hand. She will be my sister at year’s end!” … wait, what? Caroline in 1016 A.D.? And she is going to be part of the Mikaelson family? Well thats wonderful, but wait who is she to be married off to? Kol. Woah Kol. But … Caroline and Kol? That sounds a bit off. So it’s the wedding night and Caroline is hurrying to her new home when two hands wraps around her and pulls her in the shadow. “What do you want?” Klaus leans down to press his forehead against hers. “I want that which I cannot have”. Oh man, again? Wasn’t that a path already crossed with Elijah?

2. The ties the bind by EloiseLawrence18

She feels sick and that’s strange because she is a bloody vampire. She is not supposed to feel sick. “I am a witch Caroline, we can sense when someone is with child […]” well, I am sure there will be a big celebration at Mikealson’s. “Don’t tell anyone about this do you understand?” Mh, are you sure Caroline, this is a good idea? “You don’t understand why I am angry Caroline […] I overhear a phone call from you desperately asking my brother for help because my father was after you […] I turn up to find out that not only you are pregnant with my child and that you didn’t bother to tell anyone but I find out that you are actually the main target of my mother […]” Like I said, big celebration at Mikealson’s. It cannot get more complicated than that, can it? “Caroline isn’t going to survive this, the baby is killing her […]” Ok, Ok, I take it back.

3. Human by LoveDria

Caroline is in a bar in Portland with her friends. And she notices a hot and steamy man with curly blonde hair staring at her. She dances ,swaying her hips to the music when she feels hands setting on her waist. “Took you long enough.” She guides his strong hands along her tights to pull her dress a bit up. “How about we leave this place?” Klaus is going commando, of course. They head into his hotel suite and Caroline is a shivering mess of anticipation while Klaus lays her down on the polished wooden table, the spectacular view of Portland behind them. “You smell delicious, love. I wonder if you taste even better”. Just two words; Cold.Shower.

4. The SafeHouse by Angelikah

“New Orleans is at war. My brother asked me to take you and Hope to a safe house and stay until the threat subsides.” Rebekah and Caroline living together … they will end up to each other’s throat. Wait a sec. “ […] who is Hope?” Ok, Bekah now be careful, you should break the news gently. “[…] That’s my niece.” As gently as a bucket of ice on the head. “Klaus got someone pregnant? Wow, last love my ass” Now, now Caroline, should I remind you again that you rejected him quite harshly all the time? But how will Caroline will deal with a tiny and fluffy baby? When she is not thinking about snapping her own neck just to guarantee herself some sleep, she is thinking about … compelling the baby. Oh well, she doesn’t really mean it. She is just a bit under pressure and super angry with Klaus for impregnating another woman, kidnapping her and forcing her into a safe house. “[…] I will never apologize for doing what is necessary to keep you safe. […] I would rather you be angry with me for a thousand years and live than for you to love me in death.” Very well played Bad Hybrid.

Did I miss any good new story? Tell us! We love to read good stories, that’s all what we got at the moment!  And above all we  want to STALK the new promising authors!

I can imagine that it must be really hard to create a story, have the right inspiration, find time to sit and elaborate all the flying ideas. So let’s show the authors our support! Also a small “thanks!” helps to continue with the hard work.

Enjoy the reading! And make sure to vote for your favorite!

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