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Time to vote again. The summer is ending and autumn is almost here. And your job is to vote for your favorite blog of the month. Check out the three wonderful candidates and vote in the poll below.

1. justanotherfiveminutes


The blog is run by Sophie who is 36 years old. She’s English, works, and is married with kids. She’s also a part time student and according to her words happily average.

She ships Klaroline because of the attraction of powerful (bad) man being humbled by his love for a good woman. Sophie is not a believer in love at first sight but she can see these 2 would be fascinated by each other, how they can take their position from that up something deeper and more permanent is what captures her attention. He’s pretty awful but is overwhelmed by his feelings for her and she’s a fabulous but a very human character, with real flaws of her own. Sophie loves her all the more for them. And their chemistry- amazing, completely enthralling.

Her blog has a really pretty picture of the view from my house taken by an artist friend of hers at the top and is full of Klaroline. She reblogs a lot of stuff from pics to comments and of course fanfic updates and drabbles. Sophie also talks to lots of people so it’s a good place to chat. She tries not to include hate. Ship and let ship, she says. Personally, she’s only interested in Klaroline but she doesn’t care what anyone else likes. She’d much rather use her energy to celebrate the positive rather than highlight the negative.


2, likemypulse


Melissa is an almost 26 year old, recent recent college grad w/ English degree and Amanda is 18 years old, studying archaeology in college.

Besides the amazing work the girls do on this blog, Melissa also makes caps on her main blog, and picspams, and very occasionally she finds the creative juice to get a little graphical. She also writes super long winded tags when the mood strikes. Amanda usually makes graphics on her own blog too, and sometimes picspams when she’s not too lazy to use more than 2 screencaps, and copy Melissa’s and other’s tags. Also spamming Jenn’s (cbk1000) inbox (with Melissa of course) so she writes more than 20k+ per chapter for her originals series/her other fanfics. The kind of contribution that make your eyeballs dry while reading is a worthy contribution, right? (It is.)

Melissa says they basically update the blog whenever the mood strikes. There are no real rules aside from it being Klaroline & Klaroline only, they have certain dimensions they work with but their styles are their own. She always tries to tell a little bit of a story with the caps she chooses — so even when they’re alone in them it feels like they’re together. At least that is what she tries to do. And she wants you to know that they appreciate every single follow and every single reblog and like and the support you guys have of them, because they love Klaroline and love making Klaroline caps but they love you all just the same. Amanda agrees with Melissa but also wants you to know that if you watch The Originals, they are gladly accepting Klaus caps (caps where he is alone/without Hope/Hayley/Camille) (unedited, please). They would really appreciate it if you are kind enough to submit Klaus caps from The Originals so they can create something out of them, because honestly The Originals caps gallery is something they are reluctant to dive into.


3. klarolinefanficdirectory


This blog is run by Alison. She has just celebrated her birthday (happy birthday, Alison) and is now 19 years old and she lives in Australia. She’s super socially awkward, a procrastinator, perfectionist who watches way too much TV, and ships Klaroline for life.

Alison started shipping Klaroline after 3×15. Alison is not sure what exactly did it for her, the obvious steaming chemistry, the playful cat and mouse thing they seemed to have going on, Klaus almost getting hit by that car (makes her laugh every single time), or just Klaus asking to know about Caroline because she does tend to be drawn to ships where one half has a genuine interest in the other who isn’t picked/chosen or outcast by others.

The blog is kind of like one big swimming pool of Klaroline fanfiction. You can look for something to read in the many categories available, check out the latest drabbles and story updates, and look for any cover/beta/drabble requests. The askbox is also open if you want to ask for a specific fic, know a fic or cover that can be included in the library, ideas for stories or drabbles, or suggestions for any other fun things that could happen. There are still things to come (teaser: she’s working on a tags page and a new page that may have something to do with smut) so stay tuned and she will continue to do everything to the best of her abilities.


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