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vote for your october 2016 trope of the month

It’s time once again to vote for your next Trope of the Month! In case you’ve forgotten, a trope is a recurring theme you see in fictional mediums (tv, movies, books, etc). Our last winner was Social Media, and you can read some of our favorites in our latest Top 10 list.

Since Halloween is coming up, your choices this month feature Klaroline in some different supernatural situations!


Caroline is a Witch

What if instead of becoming a vampire Caroline had witchy powers? Whether she swaps places with Bonnie or is just another powerful magic user in the gang, this trope is full of great possibilities. What happens if Klaus runs across not an intriguing baby vamp, but a stubborn blonde witch? Or what if Caroline works for Klaus as one of his witches instead of against him? There are so many options when Caroline has the literal power to blow Klaus’ mind instead of just metaphorically.



So Klaus is already half one, but what if that was all he was? Or what if it was Caroline who had a monthly transformation? Or even if both of them had a tendency to howl at the moon? Imagine all the scenarios of these two running together in their wolf forms or one or the other’s wolf taking a liking to the other. You really can’t go wrong either way; just watch out for fleas!



What’s more scary than someone visiting from beyond the grave? Well, maybe it’s not so spooky when it tends to happen all the time on TVD, but still! You could go angsty where Caroline or Klaus is a ghost, unable to pass on because of their lost chance at love (or maybe just haunting their old apartment- it was really nice, after all). Or the two have to team up to deal with a malevolent- or just annoying, looking at you, Kol!- spirit. Klaroline ghost hunters anyone? Any way you look at it, the idea of Klaroline + ghosts will haunt you until you read your fill.



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Make sure you cast your vote for your favorite trope! Check back next month when we announce the winner and bring you some awesome fics about it to read!