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Hey Klaroliners! January is slowly coming to a close, but we have the first Trope of the Month poll for 2017. Reminder: a trope is a plot device used in storytelling that plays a big part in pop culture. However, before we dive in I must announce the winner of December’s Trope of the Month.

Soulmates was the winner which I support 100%. There’s just something lovely about two people meant for each other finding their way together. You can find our soulmate fic list HERE!

Now without further ado, here are your choices for this month:


Teachers AU

Caroline and Klaus as teachers is always funny to read. Their imaginative students always gossiping about them and trying to find out if they’re dating or not. Also the teachers making snarky remarks about how Klaus is smitten with Caroline and vice versa is always fun.


Belated Love Epiphany

You never know what you’ve got until it’s gone. Klaus and Caroline are usually friends with the occasional longing looks and lingering touches but never say anything. When their friends bring it up they dismiss it. Then one, usually Caroline, gets a significant other and… POOF! The realization that they’re in love with the other comes forth. The confession of their love is tooth rottingly sweet and beautiful.


Femme Fatale

In which Caroline is sexy as hell and she knows it. Klaus usually tries to pull his β€œI’m the hybrid, you should be scared of me” routine and Caroline responds back defiant, ready to give Klaus a run for his money. The sexual tension is usually sky high in these fics (but when is it not). It’s so entertaining when they engage in a battle of the wills and snarky banter ensue. All is usually resolved with long steamy smut.


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Alright Klaroliners, that’s all for this month. Don’t forget to cast your vote for your favorite trope!