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Vote For Your July 2017 Fanfiction Update of the Month Poll

Hey, there Klaroliners! I hope everyone is having an amazing summer, even if you’re working or being the ever so diligent summer course taker. More power to ya! But be sure to take a break now and then, and join us for this month’s Update of the Month!

We asked you last month which fic update you most looked forward to and here are the results:

The winner for the June 2017 Update of the Month is…

Where There’s Smoke by Sophia Chase!

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Congratulations! We hope to see more updates soon!

For the month of July, the poll choices are as follows:


Circuit Break by Angelikah
Caroline has landed in yet another time. It’s 1156 and Klaus is years into the Hunter’s Curse. She’s determined to get him through even if she does have to do it with Kol’s help. Caroline just has to get through to Klaus first.


Breath of Life by angellus08
It’s 2 years now since Klaus left, and Damon is finding out the plan Bill has in the works for Caroline. Of course she knows already, but could she go through with marrying someone else? Even if that is what needs to be done? And could she really marry Klaus’ brother, the man Katherine loved?


Time Heals All Wounds by khaleesiofthewolves
In this chapter the characters are attending Rebekah’s wedding. The day is going smoothly with some calm chatter between the adults and the kids; Kol comes in to collect his winnings after correctly guessing the brides dress. Caroline has truly endeared herself to the Mikaelson family, and her moment with Klaus at the end of the chapter may be the beginning of something more for the two.


Possession by maevelin
The powers are starting to shift in the families, and all are seeing that Caroline is not the pawn they treat her as. She’s sick of being used and bargained with, but that all is coming to an end. A realization which Klaus has, one that may change the relationship. He wants to reach out to her, to have her with him, but where do they go from here?


Delivered by honestgrins
In this You’ve Got Mail AU, this most recent chapter is when the meet is supposed to take place. Supposed to. When Klaus shows up to meet his BarbieBlonde, who he finds on the other side of the screen name is none other than Caroline Forbes. He still sits down with her though, but not as her online pen pal, but the douche who’s about to put her out of business. Upset that OriginalHybrid didn’t show up, Caroline didn’t think it could get worse when Klaus Mikaelson plops down at her table. He’s starting to see her in a different light though. BarbieBlonde, Caroline Forbes, is still what he wants.


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Be sure to cast your vote and join us next month to find out the winner!