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vote for your may and june 2016 drabbles of the month

We’ve got a double header for you this time for the Drabble of the Month Poll, both May and June’s Polls combined! So get ready to vote twice as hard for your favorite drabbles this time around.


First up we have the winner of the April Drabble of the Month Poll…

The Confessions of a Dying Hybrid by kjsama

Caroline searching for Klaus during the latest crossover surely peaked a lot of people’s interests, making this drabble April’s winner.

Congratulations! We hope to see more Klaroline goodness from you in the future!


And now onto the polls, starting with May:




Butterfly Effect by itsnotacrimetoloveyou

A twist on episode 4×21, Caroline walks through the woods with the real Klaus this time. If you’ve ever wondered how their conversation would go if Klaus had actually been there and it wasn’t just Silas in his form, then look no further than this drabble.


Inferno-Starter by Austennerdita2533

Klaus and Caroline as prince and princess has certainly been done before, but were there ever magic mirror communications too? Even a fantasy AU can’t prevent the sassy banter of Klaroline.


Untitled by delightfullysunny

A funny AH/AU where Caroline finds herself with a sexy new neighbor- who turns out to be her boss. Caroline decides avoiding him and cancelling all her plans of flirting with him is best, but Klaus has other ideas.


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And June, a short selection since the Mag was down, but worth reading nonetheless:




Burnt Toast by honestgrins

A special Mother’s Day drabble, this features Klaroline kids giving their mom a special treat in honor of the day. This AH/AU will surely give you some fluffy feels with domestic family Klaroline.


Macchiato by clangwee

This drabble gives us a Klaroline Coffee Shop AU, with Caroline as the barista who is not impressed with stuckup customer Klaus. She takes a little joy in continuously writing his name wrong on his cup, which leads to some cute and amusing situations.


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Don’t forget to vote in both polls and make sure to check back next month for the winners!