What Klaroline & The Fandom Means to Isabelle

As the final season of The Originals approaches agonizingly slow, I wanted to give my fellow Klaroliners a chance to share their fandom experience. Isabelle (that-wandering-belle) was one of the first to approach me full of excitement because of all the recent Klaro-News, and thrilled at the idea of putting down what Klaroline and the Fandom has meant to her.

Here’s what she had to say:

I joined the fandom after 5×11 because people on ff.net were recommending tumblr. I really wanted a place where I could fangirl about Klaroline. With people I could interact and gush with over these two that had become my first real OTP.  I loved the creativity I encountered in the fandom, the amazing talent that still doesn’t fail to astound me today, and the sense of community.

It was so great finding a group of individuals that were so passionate about a fictional pairing. I love seeing that passion turn into resilience when everyone more or less said ‘no’ and ‘move on’ or worst, when we were basically mocked for liking this particular pairing. It was that passion, resilience, and dedication that kept this fandom alive. It’s honestly the reason I stuck around as long as I did. This fandom kept Klaroline alive for me when the writers tried to kill that story. With things like AU’s, fanfiction, edits, this magazine, fandom events, you name it, this fandom managed to keep my love for this couple alive. It made it feel like I still had Klaroline when canon gave us nothing.

I loved seeing that passion carry over into other areas like helping fandom members when they needed it most and the Klaroline Gives Back campaigns. In short, I’m very thankful to have found such an amazing group that all started over the shared love of two stubborn fools named Klaus and Caroline.

When I see all the excitement going around since that fateful day in July (when Candice was announced to appear in Season 5), I get even more excited. Not just because I’m getting my OTP back (although yes, I definitely have been screaming my head off back and forth since July with Kaitlyn), but I also get excited seeing the fandom so happy again!

All the Klaroline news, spoilers,and the Jodice selfie. All of that seems that much sweeter and exciting after everything we had to sit through canon wise and behind the scenes. I’m so excited that this fandom has something canon-wise to be excited for again. This has been a long time coming. Truly the result of years of hard work, persistence, and resilience that’s finally paying off. When I think about how many lovely fandom people I’ve met that are so excited again, it makes all the hell we went through worth it. 🙂

Thank you guys for never giving up. Thank you for keeping Klaroline alive. Lastly, thank you to everyone at the Klaroline Magazine for all your hard work! You’ve all brought this fandom so much over the years!


Thank you for sharing Belle! I’m thankful for having so many amazing people like you in this KC Family!


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