'What the Klaroline Magazine Means to Me'

While most of us are celebrating the spooky occasion, the Klaroline magazine is also celebrating their two year anniversary this weekend. And in honor of that, the blogs team took to Twitter and Tumblr to ask the fandom what the Magazine has done for them and if there was anything they would like to say to it.


Whether you like fanfiction, edits, articles, opinions etc the magazine has always been there for us to fulfil our Klaroline needs and it hasn’t gone unnoticed. @shadownightsg on Twitter is pouring out the champagne in celebration as she commends the magazine for all it does for the fandom: “The magazine feeds my daily need for everything Klaroline. The website it brilliant… so much Klaroline in one spot [and] the daily emails are always cheerful to see. Thanks a million for doing all that you do.”

The Magazine provides Nash – @ KLAR0LINETRASH – and the fandom with “inspirational tweets and amazing blogs”. She especially appreciates and enjoys the “hilarious” recaps and believes the mag is a central place that keeps the fandom alive and we can’t say we disagree.

For @Amedepoete the Klaroline Magazine has allowed her to keep “believing in Klaroline at a time when everyone turned their backs on us. Seeing a new article posted brings her joy and she applauds all the work the team puts in to make the magazine possible.

Hasi – @hasigoody on twitter – finds that the magazine has become “a beacon of light for the fandom because even though Klaroline isn’t canon, there’s always something exciting happening with the mag…” and in her opinion, that makes the fandom experience more fun. The mag has also helped her make friends, and for that, she’s grateful.

And finally – for the twitter side of fandom – @KlarolineLilacs said: “the question isn’t what the Mag has done for us, the real question is what hasn’t it done for us. It has been an amazing source of inspiration, vessel of showcasing amazing KCers and their talents, reunited countless people through beautiful views and opinions on Klaroline. That Mag has been one of the most standout gifts that KC has given us. So I want to thank and send lots of hugs to all who made and invested time and love for creating this Mag. Love y’all.”

We have also asked bloggers on Tumblr the same questions. And we got plenty of answers. Here are some of them.

She-walked-away said the Mag is a great representation of the Klaroline fandom. We may be a little battered and bruised with what’s going on with our OTP on the shows, but the Mag is an example of how strong this fandom is still going, providing fun articles, bringing light to the best fanon activities, and keeping us together as we continue to wait, however long it takes.

Kickassfu isn’t that immersed in the fandom anymore she thinks the magazine was a revolutionary idea. A group (a really big group) of people loved/love something so much they have made a magazine about it. Interesting articles and ways to showcase the talent in the fandom; interviews to get to know about the people we talk to or to understand the state of mind of a writer/gif maker we love. It’s a big statement, that this huge group of people won’t back down nor give up. The magazine means a lot to her and probably a lot more to many other people. So, she congratulated the mag on this enormous achievement and thanked it for hanging in there, through the thick and thin. She also wanted to say thank you to the people working in the magazine, dedicating their time to make this fandom live on through history.

Onlyklarolinefeels said the magazine is one of the few reasons she’s still in this fandom, it’s probably one of the reasons she began to ship Klaroline even more than she first did. Wind thinks the mag is a place where the beautiful members of our family not only show their passion towards Klaus and Caroline, but also unite the fandom and make everyone feel special and needed. After all, each member and shipper will always be loved.

Letsnotsaygoodbyethistime told us the magazine has been a great way to get to know new Klaroliners. She has met so many amazing people through the fandom and by extension the mag. Plus, whenever she is looking for new fan fiction, the mag always has great recommendations.

To strongbeautifulfulloflight the magazine means there are hundreds of thousands – if not millions – of beautiful and strong and full of light people out in the world have united for one purpose, to pay homage to the love that we witnessed unfold before our eyes that was/is Klaroline; the love that we crave, that we lust after; that we look up to; that we will search for in our own lives. It means friendship. It means community. It means love. It means dedication and support of love, despite all flaws and imperfections. It means we will FIGHT for what we want and we will never give up. It means everlasting love and hope. It means seeing the world through someone else’s eyes, even if we never leave the room we’re in. It means taking our time and waiting until the time is right, however long it takes. So thank you, Klaroline Magazine for providing the fandom with love, hope, support, and a refuge in times of need.

And last but not least, missingstars89 said: Because of the magazine I’ve met some great and talented people, I’ve discovered amazing fics, art and videos, and it’s kept me up-to-date on the happenings in the twitter world. Basically, it’s helped keep me actively shipping Klaroline and gives me something to look forward to while our ship hibernates in canon so thank you to every single person that helps make this magazine possible. 🙂

If anyone else would like to share their opinion about the magazine, comment on this article and let us know. Happy Anniversary, dear magazine, and great job, Klaroliners! Enjoy this weekend, it’s your holiday.


Article written by Jade and Monika