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What Would Klaus and Caroline's New Years Resolutions Be?


It’s 2016! Happy New Year my fellow witches Klaroliners. I hope you’ll have an amazing year, better than 2015 (which let’s face it, sucked). I certainly know that it’ll because…



More than 700 days without Klaroline (is it that much? It hurts) and here we are my friends (I try not to cry as I write this, but you know, Klaroline has that effect).

With the New Year, comes new resolutions. We all used to draw up an improbable list, whereas you succeed or not (the latter in my case, unless I am married to Joseph Morgan without knowing and my bank account is full (which is not), we all write a list of things to do for next year.

Whether it’s about health (yes, I also thought I was going to do sport at least once a week, which actually lasted only for a week), about professional life, or anything, we all establish a list like that.

What about our two favorite immortals?

Caroline has probably already done a complete list ready to be checked. Although the year is likely to be loaded for her, one can only hope she has prepared a whole lot of great resolutions.

What a pregnant immortal vampire (I shiver as I write this) may wish for 2016?

  • Go back to school – She’s been quite clear with the man of her life (you can’t deny it), she’s preparing her future, she’s building a life for herself, and I think that she would like to go back there.
  • Throw a party to raise awareness about blood donation – Well, you have to eat (don’t hesitate to do it too, guys!), and who doesn’t love to see our Caroline Forbes in planning mode? As the “captain of this ship”?
  • Do some sports – Why not? It’s the classic resolution after all, even if you’re an immortal vampire, therefore not taking weight.
  • Read more books
  • Taking care of her new family (* shivers *)
  • Learn a new language (I mean, why not? It could be French, for example, because I don’t know, language of love and stuff).
  • Finish to sort her mother’s stuff (it hurts my little heart)
  • Take Mystic Falls back from those not so terrifying Heretics
  • Peacefully continue her relationship with Stefan

I imagine Caroline’s list being quite long, well written, with color codes, and one can only wish our beloved cupcake succeed (although the last one, I don’t mind if she fails (which will happen in 3 years mouahaha).

As for Klaus, what could he possibly want for 2016? Was there a thousandth list of resolutions? Does Klaus Mikaelson, almighty hybrid, has a resolution list?

  • Dominate the world (At least New Orleans)
  • Kill anyone on his path
  • Control every supernatural creature in the quarter
  • Teaching Hope how to throw knives (don’t do this at home)
  • (Stop stalking Caroline’s Twitter)
  • (Her instagram)
  • (Stop painting her constantly)
  • (No don’t stop)

(maybe you should call her though *wink wink*) (Is my fangirling too obvious?)

Finally, what you would want them, we, Klaroliners, for our two oblivious soulmates?

For my cupcake Caroline, I wish:

  • Be more selfish girl, think about you, and not what others might feel or want.
  • Get up, chin high, take a deep breath and FLY LITTLE BIRD! Live your life, you do not have to be stuck here forever. Those who love you will follow you.
  • Ask Bonnie to make you impermeable to magic or something. Because I won’t survive a second magical pregnancy.
  • Retrieves your confidence, you don’t need anyone for that, and those who only make you feel bad don’t deserve you.
  • Buy yourself a gerbil, it’s too cute. (and it gives support (oops)).
  • Stay the cupcake that you are.
  • Give me your hairdresser’s address.
  • Admit to yourself that every time you see a hybrid car, your mind wanders.
  • And don’t hide his reassembled drawing under your pillow, we all know.


Yes, be the Caroline Forbes I loved so much who didn’t take shit from no one, even when a millennium hybrid teased you (especially at this moment).


You’re strong, beautiful and full of light, so don’t let anyone extinguish it (I am poetic today, 2016 effect).


As for Klaus, our favorite immortal hybrid, I want you to:

  • Stop crying! Woman up, dude.
  • Clear up your business, and make yourself a clear chronology, I don’t want another first love to come back next year.
  • Fix things with your family, it’s been years. It’s getting old.
  • Change your stylist, please, stop with the weird satin shirt and Napoleonian jackets. Just go back to Henley. Less is more.
  • Marry me
  • (I can’t believe I am writing this but) think about contraception dude
  • Send beignets to Caroline, she’s waiting for this!
  • Buy yourself a gerbil, it’s very good company. (And it doesn’t overanalyze everything (oops I did it again)).
  • Be the evil hybrid I used to love! Who tormented the Mystic Falls gang! Who schemed like no one, a real villain! (But not too much, you know).
  • Stop listening to Evanescence secretly (I know you do, you’re so emo).


Klaus, Klaus, Klaus… What more can I ask for you? JUST GO SEE THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE!! (Another 2016 effect, I am sorry). And yes, woman up! (Try listening to Beyoncé for example). Go back to the evil hybrid that you were, all sass, dimples and Henley!


As for me, I hope you’ll have an amazing year! That all your dreams will come true (I mean Klaroline of course) and that you’ll follow all your resolutions (or not, do whatever you want!) and that those 366 days (leap year!) will be good to you and to the Klaroline fandom!

May the Force be with you! (Sorry, wrong fandom)

Champagne, hummingbirds, everything is Klaroline and nothing hurts! Happy New Year!