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Word of the Week: 'finger'



1. any of the terminal members of the hand, especially one other than the thumb.

2. a part of a glove made to receive a finger.

3. the breadth of a finger as a unit of measurement; digit.

4. the length of a finger: approximately 4½ inches (11 cm).

5. Slang. an informer or spy.

6. something like a finger in form or use, as a projection or pointer:

a finger of land leading out into the bay; the finger on thespeedometer.
Quotes that keep my fingers firmly crossed: “Plec also revealed that Stefan and Caroline’s romantic relationship might not last, as there will be plenty of obstacles in their way too, notes TVLine. While their storyline will be emotionally charged, the couple might not make it in the long run.” (x)


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