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Your Tool Kit for Klaroline Sexy Times


“Having sex is like playing bridge. If you don’t have a good partner, you’d better have a good hand.” ~ Woody Allen

We all have those weird phases where we feel unbelievably worked up and we crave smutty goodness, not all of us are lucky enough to have easy access to sex, so we find a way to sort it out, um, personally. When I, myself, become cursed by Silas (re: Burn Holes in My Skin) there are certain Klarolinesque smutty goodness that I constantly crave for, so I thought I shall share them with you, so you can add it to your spank bank. Here’s some of the hottest Klaroline smut, gifs and videos:


From 50 Shades of Grey to Mills and Boons to the various paranormal romance fiction, Erotica has always been the drug of choice for women, Erotica allows us to get to know the characters, it gives us a purpose, a setting, a narrative, we see the build up, the sexual tension and how so much more do we care about the characters then when it’s our OTP – in every position, every kink, every location. These are a few of my favourite smutty scenes in Klaroline fanfics:

1. Red Passion by Miss.Full.Of.Light: Chapter 8

Blood is the life juice of all vampires, especially ones cursed with an unnatural craving. So when Klaus and Caroline have to stop their usual sexual activity in order to get their feed on, they opt to eat in with blood bags, and Caroline becomes creative and decides to lick the blood off of Klaus’ body, therefore taking care of two of her cravings.

2. Some Nights by heystrippah: Chapter 2

Some Nights begins with Klaroline having a one night stand and then in this chapter Caroline goes back for seconds and there is just something so hot about this round as they both revel in the power and satisfaction that they get from each other.

3. Tangled Up in Blue by idiot-wind89: Chapter 23

Some say the wait is the best part, and oh did we wait for the fruit in this fic, through all the sexual tension, and almost moments and miscommunication when Klaus and Caroline finally admitted their feelings for each other and did the deed, I swear I could hear the entire fandom cheering in unison around the world, and this was worth the wait, as Klaroline finally acted on all their fantasies.

4. Coven by LoveOblivious: Chapter 1

I swear I could feel the sexual chemistry seep through the screen in this story. We watch as Caroline, whose family is a prominent coven of witches, is seduced by a random hot guy, who just happened to be the original hybrid, her family’s greatest enemy. The two undergo a secret affair but it all begins with the first night when Klaus charms his way into Caroline’s pants and Caroline weasels into Klaus’ heart.

5. Love in London by HelloCutePanda: Chapter 12

Klaus is a mafia boss, Caroline is his American love, she makes him work so she knows he’s serious about her before they have sex, he intends to just stick around until he can stick it in. But the night when they (FINALLY) give into their desires changes both their lives. But seriously though, the wait, the great writing by the author, the melancholy in knowing that Klaus intends to leave once the deed is done, and Caroline’s realisation that she loves him, all mixes together to make this one irreplaceable smut scene.

6. All’s Fair by fadingtales: Chapter 1

Masked gods, mistaken identity, lowered inhibitions – all the ingredients for a hella good night, and Klaus/Ares and Caroline/Athena experience this in the best sense when they explore each other’s bodies and what they have to offer without even knowing who the other is – until the day breaks…

7. Burns Holes in Your Skin by elisabethjj: Chapter 4

This entire fic actually is smoking hot, but chapter 4, is when Klaus finally sticks his p in Caroline’s v. Caroline is cursed by Silas to be super horny until she gives into what she truly wants, and Klaus is ever the helpful fellow who helps Caroline relieve some of that tension.

8. Get in the Ring by LoveOblivious: Chapter 2

This another fic that is fueled by sexual tension but it’s the scene in Chapter 2 when Klaroline have angry sex against a sex that earns it it’s place on this list.

9. So Long, Lonesome by Banana71588: Chapter 5

Oh the angst in this fic is enough to make a grown woman cry, chapter after chapter we were subjected to the author’s cruel torture of almost-klaroline, and pain before they finally got around to warming each other’s furs. This fic is well worth the read for the excellent smut scene but also for the epic writing as a whole.

10. Letting You by wordspank

This fic has another one of my favorite smutesque kinks and that’s when Caroline is in charge and orders Klaus around like he’s her pool boy. In this oneshot Klaus walks in on Caroline masturbating and she then instructs him about where and what he can touch.

11. Dungeons by Borzoi: Chapter 29

This is one of those epic Klaroline fanfictions that everyone should have read, and within this fic the smut scene I have chosen is one where Klaus and Caroline are on an airplane and Klaus had been denying Caroline sex so she takes it into her own hands, while Klaus watches, and of course after that his willpower is shot to hell. Luckily it’s Klaus’ private plane and they are the only passengers so when they do join the Mile High club, in various interesting Karma Sutra positions I might add, they are uninterrupted

12. No Sooner the Old Hope by CBK1000: Chapter 1

In CBK1000’s Originals series, she combines amazing prose, that just seems to transport us into the stories, and angst that makes our hearts ache, so when Klaus and Caroline (well let’s be honest, Caroline) finally give into their desire we all feel relieved and intrigued. But even though this rendez-vous is bittersweet, it is still one of my favourite Klaroline smut scenes. I am still fairly certain that Klaus’ thoughts in this chapter is exactly what canon Klaus would think, this author remains one of the best writers of Klaus in the fandom. The pain, the yearning, the relief, the joy, the love everything is depicted perfectly in this scene.

13. Two Lost Souls by Moultipass1: Chapter 5

This is a chapter I visit often and if fanfiction.net was a real book this page would be dog-eared. This fic is quite popular in the fandom and features an emotions-off Klaus and Caroline wreaking havoc on New Orleans. In this chapter, Klaus had just transformed into a wolf and his animalistic senses are still in tune when he charges into the mansion and proceeds to take Caroline against the wall. One of the first things Klaus says to Caroline is ‘No, need to taste you now’ at this point I was no longer human, just a pile of smush. The whole roughness and need in this scene is unbelievable hot.

14. Just Friends by venomandchampagne: Part 2

In the first part of this Caroline maintains that she and Klaus are just friends but Klaus decides to test that theory, touching her, seducing her until she has to concede that there is much more going on then she cares to admit, but oh once she concedes…


Some of us prefer looking at graphics when we are spending quality time with ourselves, so enjoy these great NSFW gifsets by some very talented Klaroliners:


Check out more of oberynmatell’s smutty gifsets here: [x] [x] [x] [x] [x] 


Check out more of niklausxcaroline’s smutty gifsets here: [x]   


Check out more of royalcaliber’s smutty gifsets here: [x] [x] [x]

Graphic by jomosfamilyjewels


And then of course there are videos, the pioneers of the porn industry, we shall forever be grateful to these Klaroline video makers who tirelessly maniped Klaroline in these great smut scenes, so have a watch:

[youlist pid="PLe3_lgqdpSQSOECEvTlLU5ugCOlsFnhwM"]


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