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5×01 Klaroline Video Project

If you were around during the TVD 5×11 crossover, then you know the euphoric atmosphere surrounding the Fandom in the weeks leading up to the episode and especially the night it aired. Today on social media it’s obvious that atmosphere is back and we want to keep the excitement going with a Fandom Video Project for 5×01!

We at the Klaroline Magazine would like to invite you to capture your reactions the moment Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes reunite physically on screen for the first time in over 4 YEARS! So that in a year or in a century, we can watch those precious reactions of never before seen Klaroline scenes and experience it all over again. I don’t think I’m alone when I sometimes wish I could get amnesia and forget about every Klaroline scene JUST to experience it all over again, in the words of Madonna, like a virgin.

You might have seen our post asking for a Video Maker/Editor a few weeks ago and our call was answered by Cat, aka xBenQCatx on YouTube! She came to our rescue offering her time and services which is exactly what we love about this fandom. She’s extremely talented, has won Klaroline Awards for her videos, and has been featured many times in the Magazine and we are THRILLED to be partnering!

Years after 5×11 premiered, we can still look back and watch our reactions thanks to videos on YouTube. I, myself, have watched that video many times and it never fails to make me smile and sob. I truly hope you will join us in creating the new memories for Klaroline’s Reunion!

How does it work? What should I do?


  • Record yourself during The Originals 5×01 Klaroline Scenes.
    • Please use landscape recording, so lay your device horizontal, not standing up vertically.
    • Try to set your camera/phone to higher quality video while recording
    • Pick a location where background noises will be minimal. (ex: a sign on your door that says FANGIRLING IN PROCESS—DO NOT DISTURB)
    • This isn’t the set of TO, so TURN ON SOME LIGHTS! We want to see your beautiful faces!
    • Do NOT add the 5×01 video within your video, our editor will take care of that.
    • Final thoughts are welcome! Apart from your reaction to the Klaroline scenes itself, we’d love to hear your thoughts before and/or after the episode.
  • Send links to your clips by email to xbenqcatx@web.de & eriberry89@hotmail.com
    • Use free sites like: Dropbox, Sendspace, WeTransfer etc., to upload your video then email directly to the addresses above or copy the link and send via email.
    • In your email, please include your tumblr url or twitter handle!
    • Technical questions/issues, please contact Cat via email/twitter/tumblr
  • Deadline to send in your video is Saturday, April 21st by 8PM PST!
    • Sunday: 4AM BST, 5AM CEST, 6AM MSK, 12:30PM ACST


Final video will be published once all the clips are put together and edited to Cat’s satisfaction, then Klaroline Magazine will share it across all social media platforms! If you have any questions regarding the project overall, please contact me via twitter or tumblr!

Comments section is open, let us know if you’re excited for Klaroline and this project!