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A non TVD viewer’s reaction to Klaroline Videos – nathenmiller



What happens if you ask someone who has never really watched The Vampire Diaries to watch a few carefully chosen Klaroline videos? Here’s the answer to our little experiment (we’re totally not trying to turn new people into Klaroline shippers by the way, NOPE).

KM: For those of us who don’t know you personally, could you tell us a little bit about yourself and what are some of your ships?

Katelyn: My name is Katelyn, I am twenty-five, and a lover of traveling and television. My current armada includes: Bellarke (of the 100), Captain Swan (of Once Upon a Time), Olicity (of Arrow) and many, many more.


KM: Have you ever seen any episodes of The Vampire Diaries (if yes, could you expand on how many)?

Katelyn: Yes, a few years ago I watched the first season, and the very beginning of the second season. But I have not seen any past that.


KM: What do you already know of Klaus and Caroline?

Katelyn: Very little, mostly what I’ve garnered through Tumblr. Klaus had not been introduced in the episodes that I watched, but I know that he has been around a long time, and I believe the term ‘hybrid’ gets thrown around a lot. Caroline, from what I can remember, was bitten and that’s all I really know. Aside from the fact that they’ve had sex against a tree.


KM: Watch this video >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KHld5qoa3Qg

What’s your first thought after watching that fan video?

Katelyn: Well, that was freaking painful.


KM: From that video, would you say Klaus and Caroline are canon worthy?

Katelyn: Um, absolutely. This looks like my kind of ship. I could honestly said I’d watch solely for these two probably, they look to be very similar to ships I already care for.


KM: Klaus once said to Caroline ‘I intend to be your last [love], however long it takes’; as a non-Klaroline shipper what’s your opinion on that?

Katelyn: I melt.


KM: Watch this video >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YirExgBiX9Y

After the crossover episode, Julie Plec, the executive producer of the show, said that episode was closure for Klaroline and that it was the end of them, what are you thoughts on that?

Katelyn: I knew that they had had sex against a tree, but I had no idea that it was their final scene (and apparently FIRST KISS?!) and that it was supposed to give them closure. I think that’s kind of bull, to be honest. I feel that, if anything, it opens more doors than it closes.


KM: Watch this video >>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GdK0IgxjvyE

After watching that video, what’s your opinion on the Klaroline fandom?

Katelyn: You all seem like such a solid and dedicated group of fans, I think it’s so important to be united and have a strong front for something that means so much to you. I applaud you for your diligence and passion, and wish you guys all the luck!


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