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The Klaroline Magazine is a platform for the fandom, and its many talents. And an opportunity to showcase our strength in numbers and resilience to those who believe we have no influence (aka the writers), in a positive and non-detrimental manner. This is an exclusive page that works to cover all aspects of the fandom – Fanfictions/Drabbles, Graphics, Blogs, Video’s, News, Opinions. From Fanfiction reviews, to author and blogger interviews, graphics, videos, columns, episode recaps, polls, quizzes and other types of  fun stuff, you can expect all on this website. It’s your daily dose of Klaroline and the Klaroline fandom guaranteed.

Tanya and Caryn thought of and created the Klaroline Magazine. If you want to know about all the beautiful people who put all of their blood, sweat, and tears and fangirl feelings into the Klaroline Magazine, just check out our team 

Speaking of team members, there’s a few ways you can participate and be a part of it! This magazine is for the fandom, by the fandom. Besides our extensive team that works on the magazine, even you as a loyal shipper of Klaroline can be a part of this Magazine. To start with, send in your suggestions. Tell us what you love, what you only like, what makes you go ‘meh’, and what’d you’d like to see. What more would you like to see in here? Feedback is the basis of any good interactive site, so help us make this magazine better. It’s quite frankly, the most important job of all.



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