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Bloggers Interview with originalhybridloverfics

In our effort to get to know the fandom better, we interviewed Lindsey a.k.a. originalhybridloverfics, about what drew her to Klaroline, what fics she would love to be reenacted in canon and what she hopes will happen in the new season. Read what she has to say here:


KM: For all of the readers who don’t know you, why don’t you tell us about yourself?

Lindsey: My name’s Lindsey, Capricorn, I am 26. I come from a really large family. I’m the youngest of five children, four sister’s, one brother. Out of all my siblings, I’m only close to my brother. Didn’t go to college and was homeschool at a young age. I love writing fanfiction and reading fanfiction. Especially reading fanfiction. I love animals. I love listening to music all the time, doesn’t matter what I’m doing. I’m a multi-shipper. I’m sarcastic and blunt and I say whatever comes to mind. Klaroline is my OTP in the TVD-TO universe.  

KM: Klaroline is not the easiest ship to ship; what was it about this pairing that stood out to you?

Lindsey: It was their chemistry. The way Klaus opened up to Caroline. The way Caroline affected him in a way no one else could. And how they both challenged one another. And I love the balance of darkness and light that they have between them.  


KM: One of the special things about the Klaroline Fandom is that we are so resilient, why do you think it has been possible for us to remain so active for so long?

Lindsey: I can only speak for myself but I think in large it was in the way we connected with the characters and their journeys and the endless possibilities of a ship like Klaroline had to offer.


KM: Is there anything you would change about Klaus or Caroline?

Lindsey: I would want Klaus not to sabotage himself all the time and for Caroline, I wouldn’t want her to let a guy dictate her happiness.   


KM: Soooo since we’ve seen the spoiler pics of Klaus and Caroline in New Orleans, what do you hope will happen with our favorite couple in The Originals final season?

Lindsey: I’m just really happy just to have them sharing the screen again. I would want them to talk about their experiences with being parents. I hope they end up together. I hope that in the new season that one day is that day because I believe that they’re meant to be together. I think that after everything they been through they deserve that.

KM: What are your favourite ships other than Klaroline?

Lindsey: In the TVD verse? Delena. At one point before Klaroline I enjoyed Forwood in season 2. Klalijah. Kolvina. Marbekah, Stebekah. But if we’re talking about in multiple fandoms, well, I just have too many to name but mainly Olicity, Chlollie, Spuffy, Malec, just to name a few.


KM: You are a fanfiction writer, but what is it that inspires you to write about this couple?

Lindsey: I said it before but their chemistry, the way they challenger one another, their brutal honesty and the endless possibilities that writing allows. To be able to explore the characters and the depths of their emotions is what inspires me as a writer.


KM: If you could have any fanfiction be reenacted in canon, which one would you pick?

Lindsey: Wicked Schemes by Willowaus or Dungeons and Sanctuaries by Borzoi or I’m not calling you a liar by bkgrl. I know you only ask for one but it’s hard to choose when there are so many great Klaroline stories out there.

KM: If Klaus and Caroline were transported to another show’s universe, which one would you pick?

Lindsey: I’m a sucker for Arrow and Supernatural I would love to see them in that universe. Even Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead. Sorry, I know you ask for one but it’s hard to choose.


KM: And lastly, what’s your one piece of advice that you would like to give the fandom?

Lindsey:  I would advise the fandom to not get caught up in all the negativity and toxicness (is that even a word) that surrounds the fandom because of the different ships. I would advise them to enjoy the Klaroline scenes we’ll be getting and to enjoy the story of Klaus and Caroline no matter what route it goes because we had some truly great moments over the years.


Check out Lindsey’s blog HERE